Dev Diary PMC Taiwan Chiayi ArmA 3 Terrain

2021-10-21 Ocean Coastline Editing

2021-10-21T11:08:00Z Back editing taiwan stuff. Added RoadsLib.cfg from root master location using symlink.

Next bug was that ocean coastline regions landmass had water creeping into it, meaning like really low land farm fields were under water, these had to be raised above arma3 water level which is 0 meters elevation. First I exported latest heightmap.asc from terrain builder, then imported it to L3DT and saved a new project, then imported texture map, then went into 3D sapphire with heightmap tools and started to check out the coastline. Well it was peppered with 0m or below values across the low land farm castal areas... so this task would be very tedious.

Tried it a bit and indeed its stupid to do this task, I need to come up with a tool pipeline method to handle these underwater land areas.

I'm thinking of using PMC Heightmap Clipper to set all 0m areas to 1m, then in global mapper merge it with GEBCO ocean seabed data. Hmm, hopefully that would work.

In the mean while I ran heightmap data through global mapper to get the GEBCO ocean seabed data in, that was also missing from the WRP, dunno why. Imported it to terrain builder and exported new WRP file, ready for binarization.

2021-10-21T12:58:00Z Had to start PMC Taiwan Kinmen dev diary page and terra incognita downloads Smiley ;)

Fixed latitude/longitude config coordinates where lon was negative, putting it to US west coast hehe. Then fixed roads.shp ID which was narrow dirt/gravel road to 10m width asphalt road, hopefully wont get too wide on some areas, should be fine.

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