Dev Diary PMC Taiwan Chiayi ArmA 3 Terrain

2021-10-09 Project Started

2021-10-09T22:11:00Z Created this page Smiley :)

First created real world data terrain tool pipeline copy-paste text to guide me.

Created Global Mapper project, imported already existing shape of user feature grid of our terrain area, created new grid on top of it (heh yep) and deleted the old, I just dont like the filename.shp layer in global mapper which does not behave same as regular user created feature grid.

Then exported KMZ coordinate file, saved project and exited.

Next started Terra Incognita and went through all the usual procedure to load KMZ coordinates in and creating 4 corner piece coordinates for our 81.9km terrain satellite imagery area.

2021-10-09T22:27:00Z Then just started to download the NW first corner piece, this will now take approximately 8hrs straight up downloading, interesting to see what time its all finished, hopefully I remember to time stamp it Smiley :)

2021-10-10T00:15:00Z NW corner piece finished and started downloading NE piece.

2021-10-10T01:56:00Z NE corner piece finished and started downloading SW piece.

2021-10-10T03:18:00Z SW corner piece finished and started downloading SE piece which is the final download.

2021-10-10T04:37:00Z Few minutes ago download finished, aayeah, we are done leeching satellite Smiley ;)

2021-10-10T06:23:00Z Loaded OpenStreetMap (OSM) shape files and cropped them into grid.

2021-10-10T09:09:00Z Assigned RGB colors to OSM shape areas and then started to export satellite mask.

Exportin' ...

PMC Taiwan Chiayi ArmA 3 Screenshot

When that was done (it was satellite mask btw, just to be clear), then it was satellite texture export time, another nice wait.

Its interesting that even though I'm editing three terrains at the same time now, I feel handicapped with these dev diary writings and well also watching twitch on the side heh, but if I didn't write anything down, didn't need to be ready to take screenshots or videos, arrange window dialogs certain way etc, I could get much more work done if it was just "me alone editing" here heh, difficult to explain again. Anyways.

Overall I feel its been slow going today when I cant just blast off full speed without stopping to "diary it" Smiley :)

2021-10-10T10:41:00Z Global mapper finished exporting satellite texture. And with this, I'm going to call it a night, a bit early today but just somehow feel... kind of exhausted, or something.

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