PMC Electric Road

Multiplayer mission pack (campaign) for ArmA 2 Combined Operations. USMC takes on Chernarus insurgents while they push on from airfield into Chernagorsk city. Basic infantry combat with few soft vehicles as support. These should be played in order as they form a campaign where you advance from one objective to the next, each mission has basically one large objective with three individual tasks.

Type is COOP, 26 players, group respawn.

Contains missions:
PMC Electric Road 1 - Capture the airfield.
PMC Electric Road 2 - Capture the Vybor.
PMC Electric Road 3 - Capture the Pushtoska.
PMC Electric Road 4 - Capture Rogovo and Pogorevka.
PMC Electric Road 5 - Capture Pulkovo.
PMC Electric Road 6 - Capture Zelenogorsk.
PMC Electric Road 7 - Capture Kozlovka.
PMC Electric Road 8 - Capture houses and electric area.
PMC Electric Road 9 - Capture Chernogorsk.

These missions have been tested in dedicated server with 3+ players.

Installation: put these missions to "mpmissions" dir in your server, they are already lowercase for linux servers.

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