PMC CDF Command

PMC CDF Command v0.1.4 by Snake Man, PMC.

Multiplayer mission pack (campaign) for ArmA 2 Combined Operations. USMC Force Recon team commands CDF forces on Chernarus against insurgents. Basic infantry combat with few soft vehicles as support. These should be played in order as they form a campaign where you advance from one objective to the next, each mission has four objectives.

No other US forces are present, its your MFR team with the CDF who takes on the enemy in this area.

Type is COOP, many players, group respawn, high command. Please note that players need to take squad leader roles for optimum gameplay.

Contains missions:
PMC CDF Command 1 - Clear Stary Sobor, Kabanimo, Grishino and Airfield.
PMC CDF Command 2 - Clear Chernogorsk, Prigorodki, Elektrozavodsk and Staroye.
PMC CDF Command 3 - Clear Solnichniy, Nizhnoye, Town and Airstrip.
PMC CDF Command 4 - Clear Krasnostav, Dubrovka, Gvozdno and Gorka.

Features: Random weather, server mission start parameters for weather and mission starting time.

This mission pack requires a Dedicated Server, the objectives will not show up as task on Hosted server. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we develop and play on dedicated server and at this time adding support for hosted servers is not withing our scope.

Installation: put these missions to "mpmissions" dir in your server, they are already lowercase for linux servers.

More details from HOWTO Install ArmA 2 Addons page.

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