PMC Silent Bat

PMC Silent Bat campaign with CoC Command Engine X (CEX) (formerly known as PMC Cmp1)

This is the first CoC Command Engine X (CEX) campaign. It includes 28 straight out combat missions as commanding officer. Your have various troops under your command like basic infantry, spec ops, black hawks and tanks. There are only intro, outro and one cutscene for each mission. There is no real story line in this campaign, however the missions are heavily linked together where in mission 1 you capture objectives A, B and C and in mission 2 you capture objectives D, E and F... so in a sense there is a story line, even if it doesn't involve many cutscenes with characters talking. Also the artillery rounds are tracked from mission to mission. If you want fight, this is what you're going to get.

This campaign is has now reached at the end of its development, however if there are critical bugs we will address those.

Hope you enjoy this PMC campaign for Armed Assault!

Required Addons

The Chain of Command: Command Engine X (CEX), v0.86.
Download at CoC homepage (buried in forum somewhere?)
Mirror 1: Aussie Dave -

This campaign has been developed with the v0.86 and not with the new "CoC Pack". However here is the download page for the pack.
Download at:


Place PMC_cmp1.pbo into the mod dir of your choice under "campaigns/" directory. In my ArmA its d:\ArmA\x_pmc\campaigns\ directory which I launch with -mod=x_pmc parameter.


--- fixes v0.4
- created brand new opening cutscene.
- major improvement to final cutscene.
- 06-28 added intro cutscene.
- weather is too cloudy/rainy, fixed, sort of.
- added enemy helo guard.
- blackhawk map marker is heloattack, fixed to medium airlift.
- 03 changed AH6 map marker to recon.
- 01 no binocs for team leaders, added.
- 04 added snipers.
- all missions with same briefing notes, added more.
- removed the description.ext onloadmission entry which was lame.
- 04-28 changed briefings from "your forces start at rahmadi" to "HQ is at rahmadi" instead.
- adjusted 01-03 briefings to reflect the unit types on starting location.
- added notification of armored vehicles arriving into sahrani mainland.
- 01-04 has different overview.html text, replaced with "campaign mission".
- 14 adjusted units starting as tanks engaged immediately with 5km viewdistance.
- 14 added keep out warning to the briefing.

--- fixes v0.3
- added proper "timeline" date / time to all missions and cutscenes.
- added onloadintro, onloadmission description entrys for all missions.
- 04-27: added opfor special forces (especas).
- 04-27: added opfor snipers.
- 04-28: added empty ah6, mh6 and uh60 plus helo pads for them.
- 19: added helo pads for our helos.
- 19: does not end, fixed (I hope).
- 15: resupply repair truck? added.
- 15: ammo boxes? added.
- 15: ending trigger, check. looks fine?
- 09: mission ended before all objectives were ticked in briefing, fixed.
- 03: wont end, fixed (I hope).

--- fixes v0.2
- added opening cutscene.
- added ending cutscene.
- 18: hidden objective is cleared immediately, fixed.
- 21: cobras are labeled MH6's, fixed.
- cex debug at startup, removed.
- added weapons & gear, this is now weaponpool. maybe they run out before cmp ends?
- tweaked weather script, not so instant now I hope.
- arty ammo count tweaked, now you dont have unlimited arty anymore.
- 05: on parato it says cayo captured, fixed.
- 07: missing mlrs from support, fixed.
- 07: briefing typo, fixed.
- tweaked support scripts.

--- fixes v0.1
- first release.

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