PMC OFP Objects

PMC OFP Objects

This addon includes three types of OFP 50m forest block models to be used mostly in PMC Rugen terrain, and the OFP Nogova bridge. Differences between OFP and ArmA bridges are that ArmA is only I believe 25m while the OFP one is full 50m long. If you port a terrain with pure p3d file name change, any bridges you had in OFP islands appear ArmA terrains as huge gaps in any bridges. So this addon fixes that (you have to edit WRP though).

These models have been touched up with few properties and ArmA optimizations as well as all models now have last resolution LOD less than 100 points to maximize performance. The model textures have been merged and normal/specular maps included.

This port is still work in progress, for example arma.RPT file gets a lot of config errors. However in game these models already work OK and can be used in terrains.

Please post feedback if any bugs are found so I can fix them, thanks.


Download from PMC Tactical Forum topic.

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