PMC Smallville

PMC Smallville is smallest (real) terrain released for OFP. It was released November 21st, 2003.

PMC SmallVille Terrain

This is small terrain made with WrpTool terrain editor on one Septemer morning. This is smaller in size than bis terrains (and other user made terrains). There is a small campaign included in the terrain where you play a Russian squad leader.

Greetings for Mad Fred for beta testing this terrain & campaign. We had tons of fun trying the campaign missions also on multiplayer COOP style.

More details on WrpTool and other PMC made campaigns you'll find from PMC Tactical OFP homepage.

The WRP is 32 x 32 cells in size, making it the smallest real terrain released for OFP. By real we mean that this is real terrain and not some experimental demo.

This release also includes OFP's shortest campaign. As anyone knows the definition of campaign is 2 or more missions in campaign description.ext format, well PMC Smallville includes campaign with just that, 2 missions.


Copy the PMC_Smallville_anims and PMC_Smallville.pbo into your ofp\Addons directory and PMC_SmallVille_Campaign.pbo to ofp\Campaigns dir, thats all.

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