PMC Rugen

PMC Rugen is 25.6km x 25.6km sized European themed terrain. Latest version was released November 23rd, 2005.


Nov 23rd, 2005. v1.0b.
- fixed some transition textures.

Oct 9th, 2005. alpha 4
- too much fixes to list, also some time ago fixes list was deleted by accident.

Apr 20th, 2004. alpha 3
- Added Baracken stuff as base buildings & towers.
- Changed BIS blackops for SJB NAVY SEALs in six missions.
- Added bushes.
- Added trees.

Apr 17th, 2004. alpha 2
- Added few dirt roads to connect farms.
- Added dirt roads to go along the river from Asten to bridge 1 / Galder.
- Added bridge 9 with road near base 2 and sea port.
- Added forests (everon type). All forests are now in.
- Added individual trees both everon and nogova style.
- Added only few bushes now, more will be added later.
- Fixed some road and bridge alignment.
- Fixed some stupid looking elevations around the island with some blur.
- Added farmland (you know farmers fields) to few farms.
- Added Agent Smith Port facilities to two places in Sea Port bay.
- Minor tweaks to few city building placements.
- Fixed the textures in forest cells.

Apr 11th, 2004. alpha 1 first release
- slim Alpha 1 released to the public in PMC & BIS forums.


This is 25km terrain ie "OFP Island", using bis textures, objects, Agent Smith (AGS) Harbor kit, AGS Industrial Pack and Baracken base objects. It is designed to have wide open spaces for lag free gameplay and overall realism. It is very easy to make 3500m viewdistance tank or air combat missions in this terrain.

This terrain is made using WrpTool terrain editor utility. Terrain design by MadFred, all editing by Snake Man. All user feedback is very welcome.


To install this terrain, copy/move/unrar the x_pmc/ directory into your OFP directory. Then launch OFP with the -mod=x_pmc; parameter. The terrain menu background cutscenes are required to be in this <ofpdir>/x_pmc/addons/ directory, if you do not use this mod dir install recommended here, you cannot see any menu cutscenes.

Required Addons

The terrain itself requires you to have the following addons:

Agent Smith Industrial Pack (
Agent Smith Harbor kit (
Baracken (

These are not not included in this package, you must download and install them separately.

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