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VTE Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions that most frequently are asked about VTE.

Q: I get constant CTD's when playing on VTE terrains?
A: Set your ArmA terrain details to HIGH setting.

Q: Can I use other addons's with VTE?
A: You can use ArmA Effects for example, it works just fine (XEH compatibility). Others we have not tested, for example ACE runs with VTE without errors, but do the features work, no idea. Someone might report some feedback?.

Q: There is no radio / voice comms sounds in VTE?
A: Its a feature, radio voice comms sounds slow down the AI reaction to players orders, it is a planned and good feature to remove the sounds. At this moment there is no replacement config to bring the sounds back, but in the future versions we are planning to add such.

Q: Why no more ArmA releases?
A: Most ArmA players moved on to ArmA 2, simple as that. We did also, so we continue developing on ArmA 2. Development will not stop.

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