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This is a list of people who have been contributed to VTE by directly working or granting permissions for us to use their work.

Type Names
Aircrafts VTE, Footmunch, Col. Klink, EricRed, McCancey/BWMod, Badscull, sfc.itzhak.
Config granQ, kungtotte, Killswitch.
Effects napalm by
Face textures Wipman
MP missions horror1
MP testing nkai
Objects VTE, Thone2000, Linker Split.
Scripts Killswitch, T Rex.
Ships Hawk.
Soldiers VTE, Ebud, CWR, Agamoth.
Sounds tpM.
Terrains VTE.
Textures The-Architect, Rellikki.
UI images Hanky, Sgt Elias.
Vehicles CSLA (maaz), AKM74, Torni, Remo, Vilas, zerq63, itim_tuko, sfc.itzhak.
Weapons VTE, Vilas, Skaven (CS imports), RobertHammer (CS imports), JAM2, Badscull, Banana, NeF.
SA-2 OPGWC Mod, Calm Terror, Namman2.

Special thanks goes to: DaSquade, Rellikki.

We have most likely forgot someones name, please if you see your name missing, contact us in our forums, thank you.

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