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VTE Old Class Names

Vietnam: The Experience Changed / Old Class names.

VTE v1.4 changed few infantry weapon magazine class names, if you are using these in your missions manually by placing them in description.ext class magazines or ammo boxes etc, you need to change the class names too. Here is the changed names:

ammo VTE_M45Bullet replaced with vte_9x19
magazine VTE_40mm_Buckshot renamed to VTE_1Rnd_40mm_buckshot
magazine VTE_40mm_HE renamed to VTE_1Rnd_40mm_HE
magazine VTE_32Rnd_uzi renamed to VTE_32Rnd_9x19
magazine VTE_10Rnd_svt removed and replaced by VTE_10Rnd_762x54
magazine VTE_100Rnd_45ACP_Drum renamed to VTE_100Rnd_45ACP
magazine VTE_32Rnd_sten renamed to VTE_32Rnd_9x18
magazine VTE_32Rnd_stensd renamed to VTE_32Rnd_9x18_sd
magazine VTE_10Rnd_SKS renamed to VTE_10Rnd_762x54
magazine VTE_71Rnd_762x25_PPD_Drum renamed to VTE_71Rnd_762x25
magazine VTE_25Rnd_762x25_PPD_Box renamed to VTE_25Rnd_762x25
magazine VTE_100Rnd_RPD_drum renamed to VTE_100Rnd_762x54
magazine VTE_100Rnd_556x45_M23 renamed to VTE_100Rnd_556x45
magazine VTE_5Rnd_Mosin renamed to VTE_5Rnd_762x54
magazine VTE_20Rnd_762x63_Stanag renamed to VTE_20Rnd_762x63
magazine VTE_30Rnd_556x45_Stanag renamed to VTE_30Rnd_556x45
magazine VTE_20Rnd_556x45_Stanag renamed to VTE_20Rnd_556x45
magazine VTE_40mm_AmmoBag renamed to VTE_30Rnd_40mm_AmmoBag
magazine VTE_36Rnd_M45 renamed to VTE_36Rnd_9x19
magazine VTE_20Rnd_mat49 renamed to VTE_20Rnd_9x19_mat49
magazine VTE_30Rnd_mat49 renamed to VTE_30Rnd_9x19_mat49

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