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Class Names

VTE ArmA class names, the full list (naturally work in progress). This includes weapons of vehicle/unit carries as well as magazines.

Aircraft Fixed Wing

Class Name Name Weapons Magazines
VTE_A4 A4F Skyhawk “VTE_20mmCannon”, “VTE_SidewinderRail” “VTE_360Rnd_SUU30”, “VTE_2Rnd_Sidewinder”
VTE_A4_R A4F Skyhawk Lau10 “VTE_20mmCannon”, “VTE_SidewinderRail”, “VTE_Rockets” “VTE_360Rnd_SUU30”, “VTE_2Rnd_Sidewinder”, “VTE_Rockets”
VTE_A4_B A4F Skyhawk MK-82 “VTE_20mmCannon”, “VTE_Mk82Rail” “VTE_360Rnd_SUU30”, “VTE_4Rnd_MK82”
VTE_A4_Napalm A4F Skyhawk MK-74 “VTE_20mmCannon”, “VTE_MK74Rail” “VTE_360Rnd_SUU30”, “VTE_4Rnd_MK74”
VTE_b52 B-52 Stratofortress “VTE_B52_Mk82Rail” “VTE_48Rnd_MK82”
VTE_birddog O-1 Bird Dog “VTE_WPRocketPod”, “VTE_RocketPodIllum” “VTE_WPRocketPod”, “VTE_RocketPodIllum”
VTE_mig19 MiG-19 Farmer “VTE_MIG_Gun”, “VTE_AtollRail” “VTE_300Rnd_VYa”, “VTE_4Rnd_Atoll”
VTE_RaiderCAS A-1J Skyraider (CAS) “VTE_MK74Rail”, “VTE_CBU52Rail”, “VTE_RaiderCannons” “VTE_10Rnd_MK74”, “VTE_4Rnd_CBU52”, “VTE_720Rnd_20mm_Raider”
VTE_RaiderSAR A-1J Skyraider (SAR) “VTE_MK74Rail”, “VTE_CBU52Rail”, “VTE_RaiderCannons” “VTE_10Rnd_MK74”, “VTE_4Rnd_CBU52”, “VTE_720Rnd_20mm_Raider”
VTE_RaiderSEA A-1J Skyraider (SEA) “VTE_MK74Rail”, “VTE_CBU52Rail”, “VTE_RaiderCannons” “VTE_10Rnd_MK74”, “VTE_4Rnd_CBU52”, “VTE_720Rnd_20mm_Raider”
VTE_OV10_B OV-10 Bronco B PLACEHOLDER n/a n/a
VTE_OV10_TR OV-10 Bronco TR PLACEHOLDER n/a n/a
VTE_raiderwreck1 A-1 Skyraider wreck 1 n/a n/a
VTE_raiderwreck2 A-1 Skyraider wreck 2 (not used though) n/a n/a
VTE_C130 C-130 Hercules n/a n/a
VTE_MC130 MC-130 Combat Talon “VTE_BLU82Rail” “VTE_1Rnd_BLU82”
VTE_ac130 AC-130 Spectre PLACEHOLDER “VTE_M61Vulcan”, “VTE_uh1_gl_m75”, “VTE_105mm_m68” “VTE_510Rnd_Vulcan”, “VTE_125Rnd_40mm_M75”, “VTE_20Rnd_105mm_m68”
VTE_F4_GREY_AA F-4 (Navy CAP) “VTE_SparrowRail”, “VTE_M61Vulcan” “VTE_4Rnd_AIM7”, “VTE_510Rnd_Vulcan”
VTE_F4_TAN_AA F-4 (USAF CAP) “VTE_SparrowRail”, “VTE_M61Vulcan” “VTE_4Rnd_AIM7”, “VTE_510Rnd_Vulcan”
VTE_F4_GREY_AG F-4 (USMC CAS) “VTE_MK82Rail”, “VTE_M61Vulcan” “VTE_12Rnd_MK82”, “VTE_510Rnd_Vulcan”
VTE_F4_TAN_AG F-4 (USAF CAS) “VTE_MK74Rail”, “VTE_M61Vulcan” “VTE_10Rnd_MK74”, “VTE_510Rnd_Vulcan”
VTE_Intruder A-6 Intruder (12x MK-82Retarded) “VTE_MK82RRail” “VTE_12Rnd_MK82R”
VTE_Intruder_mk82 A-6 Intruder (12x MK82) “VTE_MK82Rail” “VTE_12Rnd_MK82”
VTE_IntruderFire A-6 Intruder (MK-74) “VTE_MK74Rail” “VTE_10Rnd_MK74”
VTE_f105 F-105 Thunderchief “VTE_MK82Rail” “VTE_8Rnd_MK82”
VTE_f105_r F105 MK82-R “VTE_MK82RRail” “VTE_8Rnd_MK82R”
VTE_MiG17_Snake MiG-17 (Jungle) “VTE_GshGun”, “VTE_Gsh23Cannon” “VTE_200Rnd_GSh”, “VTE_200Rnd_GSh”
VTE_MiG17_Grey MiG-17 (NVAF) “VTE_GshGun”, “VTE_Gsh23Cannon” “VTE_200Rnd_GSh”, “VTE_200Rnd_GSh”
VTE_F5SEA F-5A (MK-74) “VTE_MK74Rail” “VTE_4Rnd_MK74”
VTE_F5GREY F-5A (Rockets) “VTE_Rockets” “VTE_Rockets”
VTE_b57 B-57 Canberra “VTE_Rockets” “VTE_Rockets”, “VTE_6Rnd_MK82”

Aircraft Rotary Wing

Class Name Name Weapons Magazines
VTE_ch34 CH-34 n/a n/a
VTE_ch34_mc CH-34 USMC n/a n/a
VTE_ch34_sog CH-34 SOG n/a n/a
VTE_ch34_mg CH-34 Doorgun M60 “VTE_Mounted_M60” “VTE_Mounted_500Rnd_762x51”, “VTE_Mounted_500Rnd_762x51”
VTE_ch53 CH-53E Super Stallion n/a n/a
VTE_ch53_mg CH-53E Super Stallion MG “VTE_ah1_mg_m134” “VTE_2000Rnd_762mm_M134”, “VTE_2000Rnd_762mm_M134”, “VTE_2000Rnd_762mm_M134”
VTE_uh1 UH-1D Slick “VTE_Mounted_M60” “VTE_Mounted_500Rnd_762x51”, “VTE_Mounted_500Rnd_762x51”
VTE_uh1a UH-1H Slick “VTE_Mounted_M60” “VTE_Mounted_500Rnd_762x51”, “VTE_Mounted_500Rnd_762x51”
VTE_uh1dustoff UH-1H Dustoff n/a n/a
VTE_uh1gs UH-1C ARA “VTE_FFARLauncher”, “VTE_uh1_gl_m75” “VTE_48Rnd_FFAR”, “VTE_125Rnd_40mm_M75”
VTE_uh1guns UH-1C Gunship “VTE_uh_mg_m134”, “VTE_FFARLauncher” “VTE_Mounted_500Rnd_762x51”, “VTE_Mounted_500Rnd_762x51”, “VTE_Mounted_500Rnd_762x51”, “VTE_Mounted_500Rnd_762x51”, “VTE_14Rnd_FFAR”
VTE_ch47ca CH-47C Chinook “VTE_Mounted_M60” “VTE_Mounted_500Rnd_762x51”, “VTE_Mounted_500Rnd_762x51”
VTE_ach47a ACH-47A Gunship “VTE_m197”, “VTE_ah1_gl_m129”, “VTE_FFARLauncher” “VTE_Mounted_750Rnd_20mm”, “VTE_125Rnd_Veh_40mmHE”, “VTE_76Rnd_FFAR”
VTE_ch46e CH46E Sea Knight PLACEHOLDER n/a n/a
VTE_ch46e_mg CH46E Sea Knight M60 PLACEHOLDER “VTE_Mounted_M60” “VTE_Mounted_500Rnd_762x51”, “VTE_Mounted_500Rnd_762x51”
VTE_ah1g AH-1G “VTE_ah1_mg_m134”, “VTE_ah1_gl_m129”, “VTE_FFARLauncher” “VTE_2000Rnd_762mm_M134”, “VTE_125Rnd_Veh_40mmHE”, “VTE_76Rnd_FFAR”
VTE_ah1j AH-1J “VTE_m197”, “VTE_FFARLauncher”, “VTE_ah1towlauncher” “VTE_Mounted_750Rnd_20mm”, “VTE_38Rnd_FFAR”, “VTE_4Rnd_TOW”
VTE_oh6a OH-6A Left Gunner “VTE_Mounted_M60” “VTE_Mounted_500Rnd_762x51”, “VTE_Mounted_500Rnd_762x51”
VTE_oh6arg OH-6A Right Gunner “VTE_Mounted_M60” “VTE_Mounted_500Rnd_762x51”, “VTE_Mounted_500Rnd_762x51”
VTE_oh6a_unarmed OH-6A n/a n/a
VTE_s56 S-56 Sikorsky n/a n/a
VTE_s56_mg S-56 Sikorsky M60 “VTE_Mounted_M60” “VTE_Mounted_200Rnd_762x51”, “VTE_Mounted_200Rnd_762x51”, “VTE_Mounted_200Rnd_762x51”, “VTE_Mounted_200Rnd_762x51”


Class Name Name Length min:sec
VTE_bird The Trashmen - Surfin' Bird 2:20
VTE_bornwild Steppenwolf - Born To Be Wild 3:30
VTE_caldreaming Mamas and the Papas - California dreaming 2:41
VTE_caligirls Beach Boys - California girls 2:35
VTE_crosstown Jimi Hendrix - Crosstown Traffic 2:19
VTE_evedestruction Mcguire Barry - Eve of destruction 3:33
VTE_foxeylady Jimi Hendrix - Foxey Lady 4:27
VTE_goodlovin The Young Rascals - Good Lovin 0:50
VTE_gottagetout Animals - Weve gotta get out of this place 3:14
VTE_greenriver Creedence Clearwater Revival - Green river 2:36
VTE_hellovietnam Johnnie Wright - Hello Vietnam 1:36
VTE_heyjoe Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe 3:22
VTE_houserisingsun Animals - House of the rising sun 4:31
VTE_Kemppainen VTE - Intro Kemppainen 1:35
VTE_ontheroad Canned Heat - On the road again 5:02
VTE_paintitblack Rolling Stones - Paint it Black 3:45
VTE_purplehaze Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze 2:51
VTE_satisfaction Rolling Stones - Satisfaction 3:46
VTE_sitdockbay Marvin Gaye - Sitting on a dock by the bay 2:45
VTE_theend Doors - The End 6:27
VTE_theseboots Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walking 2:40
VTE_toldnation Tom Paxton - Lyndon Johnson Told The Nation 1:12
VTE_trackmytears Smokey Robinson - Track of my tears 2:54
VTE_wagner Wagner - Ride of the Walkyries 5:19
VTE_whatsound Buffalo Springfield - Stop Children What's That Sound 1:44
VTE_whiterabbit Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit 2:32
VTE_whitershade Procol Harum - Whiter Shade of Pale 3:59
VTE_whodoyoulove Juicy Lucy - Who Do You Love 3:01
VTE_wildthing Jimi Hendrix - Wild Thing 7:44
VTE_wipeout The Surfaris - Wipe out 2:38
VTE_wooly Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs - Wooly Bully 2:23
VTE_badmoon Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising ?
VTE_fortunateson Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son ?
VTE_runthroughjungle Creedence Clearwater Revival - Run Through Jungle ?



Units, Avatars, Soldiers…


Air Cavalry

Class Name Name Weapon type
VTE_acofficer AirCav Officer (M16) M16
VTE_acofficern AirCav Officer (M16/Flares) M16
VTE_acsoldier AirCav Rifleman (M16) M16
VTE_acsoldierlaw AirCav AT (M16/LAW) M16, LAW
VTE_acsoldiermortar AirCav Rifleman (M14) M14
VTE_acsoldierrto AirCav RTO (M16) M16, PRC25
VTE_acsoldierm79 AirCav GL (M79) M79
VTE_acsoldiermg AirCav MG (M60) M60
VTE_acsoldierwounded AirCav Wounded unarmed
VTE_acsoldiermedic AirCav Medic (M16) M16
VTE_acpilot AirCav Pilot M1911
VTE_acdpilot AirCav Downed Pilot unarmed
VTE_soldiercrew AirCav Crew M3A1


US Army

Class Name Name Weapon type
VTE_Armyofficer U.S. Army Officer (M16) M16
VTE_Armyofficernight U.S. Army Officer (M16/Flares) M16
VTE_Armysoldier U.S. Army Rifleman (M16) M16
VTE_Armypilot U.S. Army Pilot XM177E
VTE_Armycrew U.S. Army Crew XM177E
VTE_armywmedic U.S. Army Medic (M16) M16
VTE_armywrto U.S. Army RTO (M16) M16, PRC25
VTE_armywgl U.S. Army GL (M79) M79
VTE_armywmg U.S. Army MG (M60) M60
VTE_armywmortar U.S. Army Rifleman (M14/Mortar) M14
VTE_armywlaw U.S. Army AT (M16/LAW) M16, LAW
VTE_armywat U.S. Army AT (90mmRR) M16, 90mm Recoilless
VTE_armysniperw U.S. Army Sniper (M21) M21
VTE_Armyengineer U.S. Army Engineer M16


AUS Riflemen

AUS SAS Regiment


Cambodian Mercenary



Civlian Rebel

Civilian VC

Hoi Chan


LRRP (Tiger)

Marine Force Recon



Provincional Reconnaissance Unit


Special Forces

SOG (hatchet)

SOG (recon)



Viet Minh

Vehicles Armor

Vehicles Ships

Class Name Name Weapons Magazines
VTE_lssc LSSC “VTE_Mounted_M60” “VTE_Mounted_200Rnd_762x51”
VTE_pbr PBR “VTE_Mounted_M60” “VTE_Mounted_200Rnd_762x51”
VTE_sampan Sampan n/a n/a
VTE_vcsampanbig VC Sampan n/a n/a
VTE_zodiac Zodiac n/a n/a
VTE_kittyhawkback USS Kitty Hawk n/a n/a

Vehicles Soft

Vehicles Static

Vehicles Support

Infantry Weapons

Class Name Name Magazine Ammo
VTE_flaregun Flaregun “VTE_FlareWhite_Rifle”, “VTE_FlareGreen_Rifle”, “VTE_FlareRed_Rifle”, “VTE_FlareYellow_Rifle” VTE_F_40mm_White, VTE_F_40mm_Green, VTE_F_40mm_Red, VTE_F_40mm_Yellow
VTE_m1911 Colt M1911 “VTE_7Rnd_1911” VTE_45ACP
VTE_tokarevt33 Tokarev T33 “VTE_8Rnd_tokarevt33” VTE_762x25
VTE_bar Bar “VTE_20Rnd_762x63_Stanag” VTE_762x63
VTE_browning Browning “VTE_10Rnd_Browning”, “VTE_BrowningMag” VTE_9x19
VTE_m39hp M39 Hush Puppy “VTE_8Rnd_9x19sd” VTE_45ACPSD
VTE_uzi UZI VTE_32Rnd_uzi VTE_9x19
VTE_sten Sten Mk.2 “VTE_32Rnd_sten” VTE_9x18
VTE_stensd Sten Mk.2 SD “VTE_32Rnd_sten”, “VTE_32Rnd_stensd” VTE_9x18SD
VTE_m45 M45 9mm SMG “VTE_36Rnd_M45” VTE_M45Bullet
VTE_thompson Thompson “VTE_30Rnd_45ACP”, “VTE_100Rnd_45ACP_Drum” VTE_45ACP
VTE_mas36 Mas 36 “VTE_5Rnd_762x51_nato” VTE_762x51
VTE_mas38 Mas 38 “VTE_32Rnd_765x20” VTE_765x20
VTE_mp40 MP40 “VTE_32Rnd_uzi” VTE_9x19
VTE_mpk MPK “VTE_32Rnd_MPK” VTE_9x19
VTE_mpl MPL “VTE_32Rnd_MPK” VTE_9x19
VTE_ar15 AR15 “VTE_20Rnd_556x45_Stanag” “VTE_556x45”
VTE_xm177e Colt Commando XM177E “VTE_20Rnd_556x45_Stanag” “VTE_556x45”
VTE_m16a1 Colt M16A1 “VTE_20Rnd_556x45_Stanag” “VTE_556x45”
VTE_car15gl CAR 15 XM148 “VTE_20Rnd_556x45_Stanag”, “VTE_40mm_AmmoBag”, “VTE_40mm_HE”, “VTE_40mm_Buckshot”, “VTE_FlareWhite_Rifle”, “VTE_FlareGreen_Rifle”, “VTE_FlareRed_Rifle”, “VTE_FlareYellow_Rifle” “VTE_556x45”, VTE_40mmHE, VTE_9x19, VTE_F_40mm_White, VTE_F_40mm_Green, VTE_F_40mm_Red, VTE_F_40mm_Yellow
VTE_m14 M14 “VTE_20Rnd_762x51_nato” “VTE_762x51”
VTE_m21 M21 “VTE_20Rnd_762x51_nato”, “VTE_5Rnd_762x51_nato” “VTE_762x51”
VTE_m79 M79 “VTE_40mm_AmmoBag”, “VTE_40mm_HE”, “VTE_40mm_Buckshot” VTE_40mmHE, VTE_9x19
VTE_stoner_ar Stoner M63 Rifle “VTE_20Rnd_556x45_Stanag” “VTE_556x45”
VTE_stoner_mg Stoner M63 MG “VTE_100Rnd_556x45_M23”, “VTE_20Rnd_556x45_Stanag” “VTE_556x45”
VTE_m60 M60 “VTE_100Rnd_762x51_M60” “VTE_762x51”
VTE_m60s M60 Shorty “VTE_100Rnd_762x51_M60” “VTE_762x51”
VTE_bren2 Bren Gun MkII “VTE_30Rnd_762x51_nato” “VTE_762x51”
VTE_enfieldn4 Lee Enfield N4 “VTE_10Rnd_svt” “VTE_762x54”
VTE_garand M1 Garand “VTE_10Rnd_svt” “VTE_762x54”
VTE_m1carbine M1 Carbine “VTE_15Rnd_762x33” “VTE_762x54”
VTE_m3a1 M3A1 GreaseGun “VTE_25Rnd_45ACP” “VTE_45ACP”
VTE_m3sd M3SD GreaseGun Silenced “VTE_25Rnd_45ACPSD”, “VTE_25Rnd_45ACP” “VTE_45ACPSD”, “VTE_45ACP”
VTE_law M72 LAW “VTE_M72” “VTE_M72_Rocket”
VTE_90mmrecoiless 90mm Recoilless Rifle “VTE_90mmrocket” “VTE_M67v_Rocket”
VTE_ithaca Ithaca 37 “VTE_ithacashell” “VTE_IthacaPellet”
VTE_prc25 AN/PRC-25 Radio n/a n/a
VTE_typ63 Type 63 Radio n/a n/a
VTE_ak47 AK-47 “VTE_30Rnd_762x39_AK47” “VTE_762x54”
VTE_type56 Type 56 “VTE_30Rnd_762x39_AK47” “VTE_762x54”
VTE_sks SKS “VTE_10Rnd_SKS” “VTE_762x54”
VTE_type68 Type 68 “VTE_20Rnd_762x43_AK” “VTE_762x54”
VTE_mosin38 Mosin M1938 “VTE_5Rnd_mosin” “VTE_762x54”
VTE_mosin Mosin M1891 “VTE_5Rnd_mosin” “VTE_762x54”
VTE_mosina Mosin M1891 “VTE_5Rnd_mosin” “VTE_762x54”
VTE_svt40 SVT-40 “VTE_10Rnd_svt” “VTE_762x54”
VTE_ppsh41 PPSh-41 “VTE_71Rnd_mp” “VTE_762x54”
VTE_pps43 PPS-43 “VTE_35Rnd_mp” “VTE_762x54”
VTE_dp27 DP27 “VTE_47Rnd_762x51_drum” “VTE_762x54”
VTE_rpd RPD “VTE_100Rnd_RPD_drum” “VTE_762x54”
VTE_rpg2 RPG-2 “VTE_PG2” “VTE_PG2_Rocket”
VTE_sa7launcher SA-7 “VTE_sa7missile” “VTE_sa7rocket”
VTE_rpg7 RPG-7 “VTE_PG7V” “VTE_PG7V_Rocket”
VTE_ppd40 PPD-40 “VTE_25Rnd_762x25_PPD_Box”, “VTE_71Rnd_762x25_PPD_Drum” “VTE_762x54”
VTE_k50m K-50 “VTE_35Rnd_762x25” “VTE_762x25”
VTE_k98k K98K “VTE_5Rnd_762x51_nato” “VTE_762x51”
VTE_l1a1 L1A1 SLR “VTE_20Rnd_762x51_nato” “VTE_762x51”
VTE_ex41 EX-41 “VTE_40mm_AmmoBag”, “VTE_40mm_HE”, “VTE_40mm_Buckshot” “VTE_40mmHE”, “VTE_9x19”
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