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-====== Vietnam: The Experience ======+====== Vietnam: The Experience ​(ArmA) ​======
-**Vietnam: The Experience** (VTE) online manual.+**[[http://​​vte-arma.php|Vietnam: The Experience]]** (VTE) ArmA online manual
 +Latest release: **VTE 06-14-10** final ArmA release! 
 +Welcome to VTE online manual, in this page you'll find everything you ever wanted to know about this mod and perhaps even a Vietnam War (related to the mod, eh). If you do not find something here, please post about it in our [[http://​​forum/​viewforum.php?​f=40|VTE forums]] and you'll surely get a prompt answer. 
 +To get help for VTE installation,​ please read the [[arma:​howto_install|How to install a mod]] page first and check also [[http://​​forum/​viewtopic.php?​f=40&​t=21333|VTE Installation Guide - New]] topic. 
 +  * [[arma:​vte:​work_in_progress|Work in progress]] 
 +What does work in progress mean? What do you need to understand about it? 
 +  * [[arma:​vte:​required_addons|Required Addons]] 
 +Required addons, you need to download in order to use VTE. 
 +  * Download links! 
 +Download links for the latest version can be found on the [[http://​​forum/​viewtopic.php?​f=40&​t=22236|PMC Tactical forums release topic]]. 
 +  * [[arma:​vte:​bug_reports|Bug reports]] 
 +How to report a bug in VTE? 
 +  * [[arma:​vte:​faq|Frequently Asked Questions]] 
 +FAQ, frequently asked questions. Good stuff here.
   * [[arma:​vte:​classnames|Class names]]   * [[arma:​vte:​classnames|Class names]]
 Class names for vehicles, weapons and soldiers. Class names for vehicles, weapons and soldiers.
 +  * [[arma:​vte:​terrains|Terrains]]
 +List of terrains and their descriptions.
 +  * [[arma:​vte:​missions|Missions]]
 +Missions for VTE.
 +  * [[arma:​vte:​unit_info|Historical unit information]]
 +Historical unit information,​ who were the SEAL'​s,​ what missions SOG did, etc.
 +  * [[arma:​vte:​release_history|Release history]]
 +VTE release history.
 +  * [[arma:​vte:​history|History]]
 +The whole VTE history from the beginning.
 +  * [[arma:​vte:​credits|Credits]]
 +Credits, a list of people who have contributed to VTE.
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