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PMC Somalia

PMC Somalia for ArmA by PMC

This is Somalia addon, featuring config addon for US Rangers, Delta Force, SOAR crew & helicopters, Somali militia and Mogadishu city terrain with realistic DEM data + road network.

By realistic road network we mean that roads are where they should be in real world. The distance from airport terminal to Olympic hotel or Stadium is accurate to about 50m precision. This is as realistic Mogadishu / Somalia map you can find for ArmA (even though its WIP).

Soldiers and vehicles are made out of default ArmA models and textures, rangers for example wear the ugly RACS patch in their sleeve, helicopters are pure BIS models, delta force are just BIS spec op models.

This addon is work in progress, building placement on the terrain especially, however this is a real and working Somalia mod for ArmA. If you do not wish to see ugly object placement on buildings (roads are realistic), please do not download this mod.

New version includes save game bug fixed.






Required Addons



--- bugs
- buildings are randomly placed.

--- fixes v0.3
- save game bug fixed.

--- fixes v0.2
- added new realistic digital elevation map terrain data.
- created satellite texture / mask.
- created road network according to real world data.
- new terrain data precision is for about 50 meters. distances are real etc.

--- fixes v0.1
- initial release


Just copy the addon pbo's into directory of your choice and use -mod parameter to launch ArmA. For more details read How to install ArmA Mod.

Class names

Class name Unit name
PMC_militia1 Somali militia
PMC_militia2 Somali militia
PMC_militia3 Somali militia
PMC_militia4 Somali militia
PMC_militia5 Somali militia
PMC_militia6 Somali militia
PMC_militia7 Somali militia
PMC_militia8 Somali militia
PMC_militia9 Somali militia
PMC_militia10 Somali militia
PMC_militia11 Somali militia
PMC_militia12 Somali militia
PMC_militia13 Somali militia
PMC_militia14 Somali militia
PMC_militia15 Somali militia
PMC_militia16 Somali militia
PMC_militia17 Somali militia
PMC_militia18 Somali militia
PMC_militia19 Somali militia
PMC_militia20 Somali militia
PMC_militia21 Somali militia
PMC_militia22 Somali militia
PMC_militia23 Somali militia
PMC_militia24 Somali militia
PMC_militia25 Somali militia
PMC_militia26 Somali militia
PMC_militia27 Somali militia
PMC_militia28 Somali militia
PMC_militia29 Somali militia
PMC_militia30 Somali militia
PMC_militia31 Somali militia
PMC_militia32 Somali militia
PMC_militia33 Somali militia
PMC_militia34 Somali militia
PMC_militia35 Somali militia
PMC_militia36 Somali militia
PMC_militia37 Somali militia
PMC_militia38 Somali militia
PMC_militia39 Somali militia
PMC_militia40 Somali militia
PMC_militia41 Somali militia
PMC_militia42 Somali militia
PMC_militia43 Somali militia
PMC_militia44 Somali militia
PMC_soar_ah1 AH1 Cobra
PMC_soar_mh60mg MH-60 Black Hawk MG
PMC_soar_mh60 MH-60 Black Hawk
PMC_soar_ah6 AH-6 Little Bird
PMC_soar_mh6 MH-6 Little Bird
PMC_soar_pilot SOAR Pilot
PMC_delta_squadleader Delta Force Squadleader
PMC_delta_teamleader Delta Force Teamleader
PMC_delta_rifleman Delta Force Rifleman
PMC_delta_grenadier Delta Force Grenadier
PMC_delta_mg Delta Force MachineGunner
PMC_delta_sniper Delta Force Sniper
PMC_ranger_rifleman Ranger Rifleman
PMC_ranger_medic Ranger Medic
PMC_ranger_grenadier Ranger Grenadier
PMC_ranger_mg Ranger MachineGunner
PMC_ranger_at Ranger AT
PMC_ranger_aa Ranger AA
PMC_ranger_officer Ranger Officer
PMC_ranger_squadleader Ranger Squadleader
PMC_ranger_teamleader Ranger Teamleader
PMC_ranger_crew Ranger Crew
PMC_ranger_sniper Ranger Sniper
PMC_ranger_commando Ranger Commando
PMC_ranger_marksman Ranger Marksman
PMC_ranger_engineer Ranger Engineer

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