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How To Install a mod

How To Install a mod for ArmA.

You should first read the background for OFP mod installing, which is basically general overview.

On top of that knowledge, you should also read the usage of -profiles parameter (mod dir stuff) so you know how to load up the mod directories properly.

In this case we use VTE mod as example, as its much easier to illustrate specific stuff, but you can implement the information to any addon / mod out there.


After you have downloaded VTE archive, you should download the Extended Event Handlers (XEH) archive too. You should put XEH into its own mod dir and VTE its own. In our example we call the XEH dir x\xeh and VTE dir x\vte, your directory structure would look like this:


You will unpack the addon pbo files into the <…blabla>\addons\ directory.

When you have unpacked all the first, run ArmA with a command line to point into these mod dirs, for example like this:

arma.exe -mod=x\xeh;x\vte -nosplash -world=VTE_intro -profiles=d:\ArmA


You can make campaign directories as follows:


And this is the dir where you place any campaigns you want to be affiliated with this addon/mod, or if you have no addons used campaign, then you can simply do this \x\NAME\campaigns\ dir and use it alone, you DON'T need to have addons\ dir in there.


Unfortunately there is still a bug in ArmA v1.16 engine which does not work with mod dir for missions, any missions you want to use must be placed in:


Note that you can use sub directories in the Missions\ directory. Also multiplayer missions go to MPMissions\ dir.

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