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AGS Buildings Pack

AGS Buildings Pack ArmA port by PMC

This is old OFP addon by Agent Smith (AGS) ported to ArmA by PMC. This addon includes several different buildings to be used in WRP terrains and in missions as objects placed in mission editor. This does not work with OFP anymore.

AGS was so kind to grant permissions to anyone porting/using them in ArmA, he posted this in the BIS forum for everyone to see. All the pbo/path etc names are identical to the OFP ones in original release, so any ported missions or terrains will work without editing.

These objects are same as AGS made them in OFP, except that config has been rewritten to work in ArmA, models have been touched up with few properties and ArmA optimizations as well as all models now have last resolution LOD less than 100 points to maximize performance. The model textures have been merged and normal / specular maps (rvmats) are done.

This addon is very high performance with 1 section count.

Required Addons

None, this doesn't require any additional addons, just v1.14 or later ArmA version.


Just copy the addon pbo's into directory of your choice and use -mod parameter to launch ArmA. For more details read How to install ArmA Mod.


--- bugs
- aircraft hangar can be entered through closed doors
- no shadows on buildings/objects (all)
- ladder textures are flat
- buildings cannot be destroyed, please confirm.
- some textures on objects like helipad flicker.

--- fixes v1.2
- shiny textures removed.
- tweaked window reflections where applicable.
- fixed some normal mapping like helipads and signs.

--- fixes v1.1
- merged textures for build6.
- merged textures for cinema.
- made _co and _nohq textures for pav2sq and several his friends.
- merged textures for kw3.
- merged textures for kw2.
- merged textures for kw.
- merged textures for build7.
- merged textures for build5.
- merged textures for build4.
- merged textures for build3.
- merged textures for build2.
- merged textures for build12.
- merged textures for build11.
- merged textures for ags_plaza4.
- merged textures for ags_plaza3.
- merged textures for ags_plaza2.
- merged textures for ags_plaza1.
- merged textures for ags_hospital.

--- v1.0
- initial release

Class names

Class name Name
AGS_build2 Office Building 1
AGS_build3 Office Building 2
AGS_build4 Office Tower 1
AGS_build6 Office Building 3
AGS_build7 Office Tower 2
AGS_build11 Office Building 4
AGS_build12 Office Building 12
AGS_hospital Hospital
AGS_build_c Cinema
AGS_build5 House (4flr)
AGS_pav Pavement
AGS_pav2 Large Paved Square
AGS_tree Tree (Juniper)
AGS_tree2 Tree (Concrete stand)


Please send bug reports or other feedback so I can try to improve this port. To make sure feedback reaches me, register to PMC Tactical forums and post there.


Download links from PMC Tactical official release topic.

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