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Vietnam: The Experience

Vietnam: The Experience v1.6 by PMC for ArmA 2 Combined Operations.

This is Vietnam: The Experience for ArmA 2.

PMC Tactical Forums - ArmA 2: VTE area.

Known Issues

  • Shadows are edited and tested with Options → Shadows: Very High. If you use normal, you most likely get some anomalies. We recommend High or Very High settings.
  • Few terrains in Mapview (M) cause heavy CPU usage; only few terrains when zoomed in and absolutely no effect on 3D view.
  • Kittyhawk carrier works when you put in its mission editor init line (not for BLUFOR, only EMPTY → VTE Sea):
this = [this] execVM "\pmc\vte_core_cfg\scripts\vehicle\kittyhawk\build.sqf";


VTE chronology

2002 - 2005. SEB NAM Pack OFP
2005 - 2007: VTE OFP
2007 - 2010: VTE ArmA
2009 - 2016: VTE ArmA 2

When SelectThis (original SEB leader) moved to VBS in 2005, he handed over the SEB NAM Pack project over to PMC, this time the name was changed to VTE. Original team SEB is SelectThis, Ebud, Bibmi.


Changes to the latest release version can be found here at changelog.


The last time I checked hehe, there might be less or more, most likely there will be more as this list is not up to date and new stuff were added.

  • 63 infantry weapons
  • 25 aircraft bombs, rockets or missiles
  • Units on AirCav, Marine Force Recon, Marine, SEAL, Army, SF, LRRP, CIDG, MIKE, ARVN, Civilian villager, VC villager, Cambodian Mercenary, Hoi Chan, Bushman, Village Rebel, VC, Viet Minh, NVA, SOG, SOG Recon, Australia SAS, LRRP (ERDL / tiger)
  • 24 vehicles
  • 30 aircraft's / helicopters
  • 6 ships
  • 29 terrains
  • 14 artillery / mortar
  • 8 mines / traps
  • 34 music tracks

Required Addons

ArmA 2 Combined Operations (ArmA 2 + ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead).

Extended EventHandlers by Solus and the CBA team.


Just copy the addon pbo's into directory of your choice and use -mod parameter to launch ArmA. For more details read How to install ArmA 2 Mod.

Class names



There is no missions included in the download, but we have VTE Missions page, also you can download these in one nice single pack. We have one campaign called Australians in Vietnam which is included in the VTE Missions Pack download. If you have made missions or campaigns with VTE, please send them to us as we would love to play them.

Feedback / Forum topic

VTE ArmA 2 development has ended however if you have any feedback please post it into the PMC forums. Thanks.


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