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PMC Rugen

PMC Rugen v1.5 for ArmA 2 Combined Operations.

This is 25km x 25km european everon / nogova styled woodland terrain for ArmA 2 CO.


This is PMC Rugen terrain addon from OFP, ported to work in ArmA and now ArmA 2. This is european Everon & Nogova themed terrain of 25km x 25km size, there is roads, airbase, airstrip, several industrial sites, harbors, cities, villages and two army bases. Refer to the original PMC Rugen OFP release topic and PMC Rugen ArmA release topic.

screenshot 1, screenshot 2, screenshot 3, screenshot 4, screenshot 5, screenshot 6, screenshot 7, screenshot 8, screenshot 9 and screenshot 10.

PMC Rugen video trailer to showcase some landscapes.


--- fixes v1.5
- pmc skybox remove is now required addon.
- forest cfgsurfaces roughness and dust increased slightly.
- intro cutscenes added, four of them (and converted sqs to sqf heh).

--- fixes v1.4
- satellite mask roads painted.
- satellite texture roads painted.
- pmc_terrain_obj migration to the new chopped up version.
- base texture layer size incrased from 50m to 100m.
- uses now new object locations from pmc_terrain_obj

--- fixes v1.3
- ambient vehicles support added.
- alice ambient civilians support added.
- forest density nice so you cant see through at the edge.
- satellite texture redone to real OFP texturing.
- satellite mask redone to real OFP texturing.
- first arma 2 release!

Required Addons

ArmA 2 Combined Operations (ArmA 2 + ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead).

AGS Industrial, AGS Port, PMC Terrain Clutter, PMC Terrain Objects and PMC Skybox Remove addons. Take a note that these are ArmA 2 versions!


Just copy the addon pbo's into directory of your choice and use -mod parameter to launch ArmA 2. For more details read How to install ArmA 2 Mod.


Please send bug reports or other feedback so I can try to improve this port. To make sure feedback reaches me, register to PMC Tactical forums and post there.


Download links from PMC Tactical ArmA 2 Downloads page.

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