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CAT Afghanistan

CAT Afghanistan v1.6 upgraded by AGS ported to ArmA 2 by PMC.

This is Afghanistan terrain and objects addon from Operation Flashpoint ported into ArmA 2. Its a advanced port, several modeling errors were fixed, textures merged and models optimized as well as config tweaked. No content have been added (except terrain has no ocean now, ie this is a terrain, not an island) or removed. There are no soldiers or vehicles in this addon.

Please take a note that this is ArmA 2 version and will not work with ArmA.

v1.6 ArmA 2 known issues

  • Update base class RPT errors
  • Satellite texture terrain edges are sharp
  • Clutter on roads
  • Texture stretching effect on some buildings
  • No runway object (only background satellite color)
  • Terrain edge uneven on map borders


Initially this addon was released to OFP by CAT_SHIT_ONE (gotta love his name), there was couple of versions released which caused havoc in mission making community as whole cities were removed from the island.

Then Agent Smith (AGS) released new version of this island CAT's Afghanistan Revisited.

I was talking to AGS in 2007 and asked if I get permissions to port CAT/his Afghanistan addon, he said yes no problem. First work was done long time ago but now this last push was done in couple of days time to get this ready for release. Why to release? eh dunno, wanted some more porting training, O2 time and learn more things which I can put into PMC Editing Wiki (which I did btw) heh :)

See some screenshots here: image1, image2, image3, image4, image5.


You can find the AGS credits list in docs/credits.txt file. Besides that PMC credits Agent Smith for doing the last OFP work on this addon and now granting us permission to port it into ArmA. Also all the community users who have been posting constructive feedback, YOU guys made this new version possible, thank you very much.

AGS written credits in 2005:

CAT_SHIT_ONE    - objects, base island, textures, lots of stuff
Agent Smith     - object bug fixing, tweaking, map update, sounds, FX, God only know what else ;P

Acecombat       - sounds, pics, advices
A.W.O.L.        - base building models
BAS Team        - paved road models
BKM Mod         - mosque 2 model
fighter         - desert vegetation
KUMA WAR        - mosque 2 textures
kegetys         - editor icons
Leone           - sand storm script
rats404         - excellent beta testing, bazaar sounds
Robbo           - objects
Sanctuary       - scripting and sound help

Special thanks to all the guys making missions for this island and Afgani-themed addons:
Sanctuary, honchoblack, tacrod, Winters, JJR, Munk, wheres my rabbit?

Additional thanks to Avon Lady, Firefly, Soul Catcher, Schoeler, MIA Crew, Nomad Mod,
WRPTool authors and everybody else involved into development of this great addon.

Required Addons

ArmA 2, no other addons required. This is tested on ArmA 2 Combined Operations but there should be no specific “OA” or “CO” requirements. This should work in standalone OA and standalone ArmA 2.


--- bugs
- ai planes don't see the mountains or steep hills, and crash or nosedive into them.
- buildings are not really usable like in ofp.
- main road bug - it is glowing in the night!
- some building textures are wrong/ don't fit with the object.
- some roads are so steep that no car or tank can climb them.
- the airbases runway, damages your plane as you takeoff and land.
- the arma.rpt is full of error messages.
- the tarmacked roads slow you down, the dirt roads don't.

--- unconfirmed bugs (fixed in v1.1 or not?)
- roads don't seem to work.
- ladders don't work
- some buildings are to high (compared to the ground level) so doors are not available
- buildings with proper shadows, casting proper shadows.
- the ladders work when you add the buildings in the editor, but they don't in the map.

--- v1.6
- first ArmA 2 release.
- various fixes, changes and tweaks to suit ArmA 2.

--- v1.5 beta fixes
- save game bug fixed.


Just copy the addon pbo's into directory of your choice and use -mod parameter to launch ArmA 2. For more details read How to install ArmA 2 Mod.

Class names

class CfgSounds

Class name Name
AGS_CATDesertStormSound1 CAT DesertStorm Sound 1
AGS_CATDesertStormSound2 CAT DesertStorm Sound 2
AGS_CATDesertStormSound3 CAT DesertStorm Sound 3
AGS_CATmuazzin_morning CAT Muazzin, morning call
AGS_CATmuazzin_restoftheday CAT Muazzin, rest of the day call
AGS_CATAzaanPrayer CAT Azan Prayer
CATFIREsound CAT Fire Sound
CATRainStorm1Sound CAT Rain Storm Sound

class CfgEnvSounds

Class name Name
CATGREnvBOMBHILL1 CAT Bombing Run Sounds 1
CATGREnvBOMBHILL2 CAT Bombing Run Sounds 2
CATFIRE2soundEnv CAT Fire Sound
CATRainStorm1SoundEnv CAT Rain Storm Sound
AGS_CATDesertStormSound1Env CAT DesertStorm Ambience 1
AGS_CATDesertStormSound2Env CAT DesertStorm Ambience 2
AGS_CATDesertStormSound3Env CAT DesertStorm Ambience 3
AGS_CATDesertStormSound4Env CAT DesertStorm Ambience 4
AGS_CATBazaarSound1Env CAT Bazaar Ambience 1
AGS_CATBazaarSound2Env CAT Bazaar Ambience 2
AGS_CATBazaarSound3Env CAT Bazaar Ambience 3
AGS_CATBazaarSound4Env CAT Bazaar Ambience 4
AGS_CATBazaarSound5Env CAT Bazaar Ambience 5
AGS_CATBazaarSound6Env CAT Bazaar Ambience 6
AGS_CATBazaarSound7Env CAT Bazaar Ambience 7
AGS_CATBazaarSound8Env CAT Bazaar Ambience 8
AGS_CATBazaarSound9Env CAT Bazaar Ambience 9
AGS_CATBazaarSound10Env CAT Bazaar Ambience 10

class CfgVehicles (objects)

Class name Name
Land_CATMiddleEasternMinaret Minaret
Land_CATMiddleEasternMosque Mosque 1
Land_CATMiddleEasternMosque2 Mosque 2
Land_CATo2AfghanBuilding8 Government Building
Land_CATo2AfghanBuilding1 Destroyed Afghan Building 1
Land_CATo2AfghanBuilding2 Destroyed Afghan Building 2
Land_CATo2AfghanBuilding3 Destroyed Afghan Building 3
Land_CATo2AfghanBuilding4 Destroyed Afghan Building 4
Land_CATo2AfghanBuilding10 Destroyed Afghan Building 5
Land_CATo2AfghanBuilding12 Destroyed Afghan Building 6
Land_CATo2AfghanBuilding6 Afghan Building 01 (2flr)
Land_CATo2AfghanBuilding7 Afghan Building 02 (I Shaped)
Land_CATo2AfghanBuilding9 Afghan Building 03 (Long)
Land_CATo2AfghanBuilding11 Destroyed Afghan Building 7 (no roof)
Land_CATo2Afghanhouse13 Afghan Building 04
Land_CATo2Afghanhouse14 Afghan Building 05
Land_CATo2Afghanhouse15 Afghan Building 06
Land_CATo2Afghanhouse16 Afghan Building 07 (2flr)
Land_CATo2Afghanhouse17 Afghan Hotel 1
Land_CATo2Afghanhouse22 Afghan Hotel 2
Land_CATo2AfghanBuilding18 Afghan Vegetable Store 1
Land_CATo2AfghanBuilding19 Afghan Vegetable Store 2
Land_CATo2AfghanBuilding21 Afghan Vegetable Store 3
Land_CATo2AfghanBuilding20 Afghan Building 12 (3flr)
Land_CATo2AfghanBuilding23 Afghan Building 08 (3flr)
Land_CATo2AfghanBuilding25 Afghan Building 09
Land_CATo2AfghanBuilding26 Afghan Building 10
Land_CATo2AfghanBuilding27 Afghan Building 11
Land_CATo2AfghanBuilding5 Afghan Building 12
Land_AGS_AfghanBuilding1 Afghan Building 13 (3 flr)
Land_AGS_AfghanBuilding2 Afghan Building 14 (3 flr)
Land_CATo2AfghanBuildingStore Afghan Warehouse
Land_CATcprhinowatchtower Camp Rhino Watch Tower
Land_AGS_MarketStall1 Market Stall 1
Land_AGS_MarketStall2 Market Stall 2
Land_AGS_MarketStall3 Market Stall 3
Land_AGS_MarketStall4 Market Stall 4
Land_AGS_MarketStall5 Market Stall 5
Land_catafghancaveo21 Cave
Land_catafghanCliffSshape1 Cliff Road
Land_CATrockVL2_8 Huge Rock Hill
Land_CATrockVL2_10 Cliff w/ Ladder
Land_catRockBunk Rocks fortress
Land_catvo_seda Street Lamp

Forum topic

General area here and Here is the direct link.


Download links from the release topic.

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