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AGS Industrial Pack

AGS Industrial Pack v1.6 ArmA 2 CO port by PMC

This is old OFP addon by Agent Smith (AGS) ported to ArmA and now ArmA 2 by PMC. This addon includes several different industrial type buildings to be used in WRP terrains and in missions as objects placed in mission editor. This does not work with OFP anymore.

AGS was so kind to grant permissions to anyone porting/using them in ArmA, he posted this in the BIS forum for everyone to see. All the pbo/path etc names are identical to the OFP ones in original release, so any ported missions or terrains will work without editing.

These objects are same as AGS made them in OFP, except that config has been rewritten to work in ArmA 2, models have been touched up with few properties and ArmA 2 optimizations as well as all models now have last resolution LOD less than 100 points to maximize performance. The model textures have been merged and normal / specular maps (rvmats) are done.

This addon is very high performance with 1 section count.


Just copy the addon pbo's into directory of your choice and use -mod parameter to launch ArmA. For more details read How to install ArmA 2 Mod.


--- fixes v1.6
- admin building you can walk through the building, fixed.
- normal maps redone with much lesser bump.
- Land_pipeline_fgc condig added.
- warehouse 1 doors wont open, fixed.
- warehouse 1 ladders dont work, fixed.
- warehouse 2 back doors wont open, fixed.
- warehouse 2 front gates wont open, fixed.
- warehouse 2 ladders dont work, fixed.
- warehouse 3 doors wont open, fixed.

--- fixes v1.5
- f3wx_oilwell modeled real iron bars for the oil well frame (not just using alpha channel texture).

--- fixes v1.4
- $pboprefix$ missing, added.
- config separated from the main addon.
- signature keys v2 used.

--- fixes v1.3.1
- small cfgPatches compatibility fix for PMC 51km Desert terrain.

--- v1.3 initial ArmA 2 release
- initial release

Required Addons

ArmA 2 Combined Operations (ArmA 2 + ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead).

Class names

Class name Name
f3wx_platform50 Platform (50m)
f3wx_platform50c Platform With Crane (50m)
f3wx_platform50p Platform With Shed (50m)
f3wx_platform20ramp Platform With Ramp (20m)
ags_whouse1 Warehouse 1
ags_whouse2 Warehouse 2
f3wx_whouse3 Warehouse 3
f3wx_whouse4 Warehouse 4 (No Ramp)
f3wx_grainSilo Grain Silo
f3wx_factory Factory
ags_hangar Aircraft Hangar
ags_powerplant Powerplant (Section 1)
ags_powerplant2 Powerplant (Section 2)
f3wx_coalHeap1 Coal Heap 1
f3wx_coalHeap2 Coal Heap 2
f3wx_coalHeapS1 Small Coal Heap 1
f3wx_coalHeapS2 Small Coal Heap 2
f3wx_coalHeapS3 Small Coal Heap 3
f3wx_crates1 Crates 1
f3wx_crates2 Crates 2
f3wx_crates3 Crates 3
f3wx_crates4 Crates 4
f3wx_trafoStation Transformer Station
ags_suwnica Industrial Crane
f3wx_adminBuilding Administration Building
ags_tank1 Oiltank 1
f3wx_oiltank1 Oiltank 1 B
f3wx_oiltank2 Oiltank 2
ags_tank2 Chemicals tank 1
ags_tank3 Chemicals tank 2
f3wx_oilwell Oil Well
ags_refinery1 Oil Refinery 1
ags_refinery2 Oil Refinery 2
ags_refinery3 Oil Refinery 3
f3wx_refinery4 Oil Refinery 4
f3wx_refinery5 Oil Refinery 5
ags_pipeline Oil Pipeline (25m)
ags_pipeline_e Oil Pipeline (End)
ags_pipeline_r Oil Pipeline (Over road)
ags_pipeline_c Oil Pipeline (Corner)
ags_pipeline_pump Oil Pipeline (Pump)
f3wx_Spipe25 Pipeline (25m)
f3wx_Spipe25_kh Pipeline (25m) B
f3wx_Spipe50 Pipeline (50m)
f3wx_Spipe50_kh Pipeline (50m) B
f3wx_Spipe10 Pipeline (10m, Valve)
f3wx_Spipe_e Pipeline (End)
f3wx_Spipe_c Pipeline (Corner)


Please send bug reports or other feedback. To make sure feedback reaches us, register to PMC Tactical forums and post info AGS Industrial Official Release topic.


Download links from the PMC Tactical ArmA 2 Downloads page.

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