Crash without obvious reason

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Crash without obvious reason

Post by Reaptor » 2006-08-07, 07:32:44 PM

I have created a small 64*64 "island" (It's just a solid landmass) with about 10 000 objects (2000 bushes, 3000 forest-objects, 700 buildings, 900 road objects, 200 trees and the rest is fences, pavement, etc.). The problem is when I try to load it in OFP. It takes very long time to load and when it's finally done, I get a "OFP hace met a problem and will be terminated" (or something similar) error and OFP crashes. It dosn't seem to be something wrong with the config, because it's works when I test it with the Everon wrp. I've tested to delete all road-objects, all forest objects, all object near the edge of the map, reduce the object count to about 7000, and so on. I really can't figure out the problem. Does anyone have any idea at all?


Re: Crash without obvious reason

Post by Snake_Man » 2006-08-21, 04:15:41 AM

I dont know from your good description. You could rar up the wrp + cpp and email them to me so I could check them out here. My email is flashpoint at nekromantix dot com, please put PMC or WRP into the email subject line so it wont get deleted as spam.

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