Finished PMC Real World Data Terrain project, for now...

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Finished PMC Real World Data Terrain project, for now...

Post by Snake Man » 2017-10-27, 05:33:50 AM

I finished my arma2 editing and started to re-learn arma3 terrain editing on December 8th 2016 (I did actually test terrain builder and write my first tutorial for it already back in 2013 alpha era).

After getting my bearings with terrain builder, I wanted to make real world data terrains using online sources, you know SRTM heightmaps, satellites imagery, openstreetmaps roads, global mapper and such.

I don't have exact records, arma discord #terrain_makers history would probably show something, but it was somewhere in early january 2017 when I finally learned how to bring heightmap and satellite texture from online sources into arma3 in-game. I recall it being late january when testing the first actual 143km terrain using 71,680 res satellite which was iraq baghdad.

On march 13th 2017 the PMC Real World Data Terrain MEGA Project was announced, at that date I had first iraqi terrains in-game.

Was working 16hrs days on terrains, roughly, some days obviously less but there was also rare crazy 20hrs days too, except on june I had about one week off just playing CMANO/Cold Waters before getting back to terrain editing.

Just now I released last of the 94, I say again ninety four terrains made since january. its been long journey to reach this point, it feels so great to have these terrain releases in Editing Phase 6 (few are phase 5).

Now I plan to take a break from arma3 editing before burning out completely. I already feel the editing burnout around the corner, recently there has been good days and bad days as one day you go full speed 16hrs editing and the next day you cant even think about editing without feeling like vomiting. so once in my life it is so great to take a break by choice and not by being forced to step away because you've completely burnt out yourself.

How long will I be holidaying without arma3 editing? who knows, impossible to say but I doubt it will be anything less than months. you have to understand that when you edit 16hrs/day almost a year, your brain turns into mush and it wont go away in week or two.

Also I am not stepping away cold turkey, I'm still doing some ofp-arma2 terrain porting work as I really would want to see those done before completely "turning off arma3 mode", but couldn't care less if that happens or not, I'll go day by day, actually hour by hour now. also I want to write that clutter tutorial to plug in with those new clutter sub pages.

Will be around discord for now, if nothing else than to check daily if someone messaged me. taking a break from arma3 editing is like being an alcoholic loser, such person cant be sitting in a bar drinking water when all his buddies are drinking whiskey ;)

I want to thank everyone who has helped me to solve real world data and other terrain / tool issues, very much appreciated! Special thanks for Dscha for relentless torrent seeding and http mirroring of these releases :D
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