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Questions: Converting OFP to ArmA 3

Posted: 2014-05-16 07:58:16
by Rain^^
Hello guys! Good Morning :)
I'm new here) and I have some questions about converting OFP island to ArmA 3
1. First island that I have converted this Deserted Island [Intro.wrp]. I chose it because it don't have objects and I think it is well suited for a start. I moved file Intro.wrp on my P Drive in Intro folder.
2. For convert I used your tutorial this and this and tools[ConvertWrp] of Mikero
3. After conversion [Intro.wrp] I got file [Intro.pew] and folders [Intro/landtext] In the folder landtext [P:\Intro\Intro\landtext] I got many .rvmat files [137 files]
4. I don't know why I have so many .rvmat and what do I do with it :) On Deset Island [Intro.wrp] used only one texture [pi.paa]. Desert Island in WrpTool. We can see that whole island is covered with a single texture pi.paa. So I can keep only one .rvmat file [pi.rvmat]? And I think to replace standard texture[128x128] to new[1024x1024] for example it
5. In Terrain Builder intro.pew opened well(I think so:) )
6. Now I need to create a satellite map and mask and create Layer.cfg.
7. But I can't understand what should be the size of a satellite map and mask? Mapframe Properties is
8. And I need help with Layer.cfg.
If Island have only one texture I can use this:

Code: Select all

class layers
	class sand
		texture = "Intro\LandText\pi.paa";
		material= "Intro\LandText\pi.rvmat";

class legend
	class colors
		sand[]={{210, 116, 0}};
9. I need edit pi.rvmat? Or I can use one that got after conversion?
10. I know that I need create cfgClutter.hpp and cfgSurfaces.hpp but how it should look for this island [Island with one texture]?

Thanks and Sorry for my English :)

Re: Questions: Converting OFP to ArmA 3

Posted: 2014-05-16 12:31:18
by Snake Man
I don't remember the tools creating such rvmat's for each tile texture before, it must be something Mikero changed in his newer versions which I have not tested. Also I have not tested Terrain Builder yet, sorry.

Clutter and surfaces is pretty easy if you only want to have one terrain surface type. Have you created anything to the config so far?

Re: Questions: Converting OFP to ArmA 3

Posted: 2014-05-16 14:24:40
by Rain^^
Thanks for answer m8.
Now I have only it!UUVk1LCA!4GcZFwbYP ... d-Z8De-_yA
I Have not config file now. Terrain Builder and similar to Visitor 3, I think so :)