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PMC will quit developing for Armed Assault

Posted: 2010-06-16 19:08:52
by Snake Man
PMC will quit developing for Armed Assault.

June 16th, 2010.

Almost to the day three years ago I posted topic about PMC will quit developing for Operation Flashpoint and now we are in the next milestone... PMC quits ArmA editing :)

Actually we are quite late on this ArmA to ArmA 2 change because pretty much everybody has already changed to ArmA 2 but we are still dragging our feet. No more, we have just released our last release which was Vietnam: The Experience (06-14-10).

Now we start to edit ArmA 2.

I have already uninstalled ArmA tools and therefore cannot edit ArmA anymore. Difference to the OFP quitting situation is that I really cannot do even critical bug fixes anymore because even config changes are beyond my control as ArmA 2 tools cannot binarize ArmA configs. I can of course edit missions, but its been almost year of our last campaign release and no bugs have been reported so that is not an issue.

With these sad feelings we leave ArmA and move on. It was fun spending time on the new engine, but now its time to step our game up.

ArmA 2, here we go! :D