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PMC Editing Wiki moved to a new domain!

Posted: 2016-10-18, 07:26:28 AM
by Snake Man
PMC Editing Wiki moved to a new domain!

It is the same old PMC Editing Wiki but its domain moved from into :)

Our web server has redirects so if you go to any of the old links ( you will be automatically redirected to the new domain address and the same page even.

Please update your bookmarks! It is much better to have them pointing to the actual real link instead of old redirecting one.

It will take me some time to clear muscle memory of typing the old address hehe.

I'm really happy that we have now this new cool domain name, its much better than very long and "unrelated" domain name, perhaps its even easier to remember for someone hearing it and then typing into browser address bar. Enjoy the new domain :)