Falcon 4.0 Taiwan Theater

PMC Taiwan Theater the one and only, original. All others are fake copies.

Background of TaiwanPMC Tactical
Taiwan was requested several times by many people over the years so finally PMC had enough of the agony of users for this theater so one day we just did it. Click image for larger picture

Taiwan theater uses default korean tiles. The tiling has been made with CATE autotiler software and there is still some work to do to produce the variety for the terrain tiling.

Size and Coordinates
The theater size is 64 segments which is the size of old Korea. Here is the specifications...
Size (L2 segments): 64 x 64
Size (L2 tiles): 1024 x 1024
Size (Nautical Miles): 552.377 x 552.377
Resolution: 0.134858 Nautical Miles
Centered on: Lat 25 Long 120
NW: Lat 29.6031 Long 114.706
NE: Lat 29.6031 Long 125.294
SW: Lat 20.3969 Long 115.089
SE: Lat 20.3969 Long 124.911
Highest point: 12050ft
Lowest point: 0ft

Uses default korean terrain textures / tiles.

There are three campaigns in this theater, all very fictional from easy to hard. The campaigns will feature the invasion of red forces on Taiwan, and combined forces trying to stop the invasion. Theater should use a dedicated database, to cover fictiontional campaigns from year 1960 to 2000+. In 50's - 60's Blue side had more advantage, in 70's - 90's both sides were balanced, and in 90's - 2000+, Red side got advantage. In futuristic scene US have F-22/F-35/B-2 to balance the odds.

Version and Download
The only Official PMC Taiwan Theater latest version can be found from Falcon 4.0 PMC Theaters page.