Falcon 4.0 Nevada Theater

Background of NevadaPMC Tactical
ComGP was the original Nevada Team leader, since then PMC took over the development with GomGP's permissions. PMC remade the whole terrain and today there is no files from GomGP anymore. Click image for larger picture

Whole terrain is tiled with CATE, so usual minor errors can be found here and there, just as same as other theaters like Operation Desert Storm, Vietnam, Europe and Afghanistan.

Red Flag. Nevada Training theater is very cool for that peace time training of virtual viper pilots. You gotta be prepared to deployments in the world like Korea, Balkans, Middle East, Europe, Vietnam or Afghanistan.

Size and Coordinates
The theater size is the default 64 segment in size, its the same as Korean theater. Here is the specifications...
Size (Nautical Miles): 552.377 x 552.377
Resolution: 0.134858 Nautical Miles
Centered on: Lat 38 Long -115
NW: Lat 42.6031 Long -121.254
NE: Lat 42.6031 Long -108.746
SW: Lat 33.3969 Long -120.514
SE: Lat 33.3969 Long -109.486
Highest point: 14126ft

Uses totally new textures by PMC, which look decent. The tiles are totally new, no Korean tiles were used in Nevada.

Several campaigns are included, BLUFOR vs OPFOR, BLUFOR vs BLUFOR, OPFOR vs OPFOR and mixed. This version however do not contain any Tactical Engagement files so you need to create them yourself. The objectives in both Campaign and in Tactical Engagement have been linked so ground unit movement should work OK.

Version and Download
Latest version can be found from Falcon 4.0 PMC Theaters page.