Falcon 4 Issues

These are the generic Falcon EXE code related issues we have found out, knowing these will help you when you run our or any other theaters.

Allied Force

Falcon 4.0 Allied Force (F4AF) campaigns by default do not allow other aircraft's to be selected other than F-16 and E-3 AWACS, this inherits into our theaters as well. One simple example would be historical Vietnam campaign, only aircraft you can choose there is E-3 which pretty much makes the campaign unusable in F4AF. Fix: You could edit campaign\validAC.bin file to allow all aircraft's to be flown, however you do this at your own risk, we cannot provide you technical support if you do this.

BMS 4.33

BenchMarkSims (BMS)

Campaign is stuttering and getting pretty much stuck with (high) time acceleration. Fix: Its code issue, please send bug report to BMS team.

Exiting campaign takes very long time. Fix: Same as above, BMS code issue, please send bug report to BMS team.

Campaign is giving me "ATCBrain" CTD which is easy to reproduce. Fix: BMS code issue, please send bug report to BMS team. Alternatively this bug is related to aircraft carrier squadrons, if you steer clear of the carrier range / bubble while flying in 3D, you should avoid them.

FreeFalcon 6

Sometimes when you commit into a campaign from the campaign squadron select menu, your selected squadron is totally different what you've chosen, you are in totally different team. Fix: go back and commit to the campaign again, most likely it will work fine on second attempt.

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