Howto Install Falcon 4 PMC Theaters

This is guide how to install Falcon 4 PMC Theaters.

Download Archive

Falcon 4 PMC Theater installer downloads come in 7-Zip (7z) archives. You can open and unpack 7z files using 7-Zip tools (you can NOT use WinZip anymore as it does not work).

To unpack 7z you basically use 7z tool of your choice to browse and click open PMC theater 7z, then choose Extract from the menu, should be button/icon visible on 7-zip. When extracted you'll get the theater installer EXE file and a readme.


Run the installer - PMC_<NAME>_Theater_<VERSION>.exe and follow instructions.

Be patient when Htti terrain rebuilder and LxNormalFix utilities (2 different utils) are ran. This can take long time depending on your computer hardware specifications.

Htti is ran for all Falcon 4 versions and all theaters.

LxNormalFix is ran only for Falcon 4 Allied Force.

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