Falcon 4.0 Libya Theater

Background of Libya.PMC Tactical
Internet is full of material about the famous F-14 Tomcat shooting down MIG-23's in Libya, so we only felt right of doing such theater for Falcon 4. No more people have to fake scenarios for Libya, no they can use the real geographic terrain to do so.

Size and Coordinates
These are the technical details of Libya theater. Its an 128 segment theater which if twice the size of original Microprose Korean theater. Here are the specifications...

Size (L2 segments): 128 x 128
Size (L2 tiles): 2048 x 2048
Size (Nautical Miles): 1104.75 x 1104.75
Resolution: 0.134858 Nautical Miles
Centered on: Lat 28 Long 18
NW: Lat 37.2063 Long 6.44105
NE: Lat 37.2063 Long 29.5589
SW: Lat 18.7937 Long 8.27524
SE: Lat 18.7937 Long 27.7248
Highest point: 10810ft
Lowest point: 0ft

Currently textures (tiles) are the default Korean as we don't have texture artists to make new tiles for this theater. We have tried to create the terrain not to have same patterns as Korea but yes it still looks much like Korea because the textures are identical. If anyone is willing to contribute by doing textures, just let us know.

Campaign is fictional with US only having carrier groups on the ocean and Libya having all kinds of Soviet equipment on their country. Because of Falcon 4 campaign engine, we had to make the neighboring country for Libya to be allied side, which Libyans then attack as there is no stopping it.

Version and Download
Latest version can be found from Falcon 4.0 PMC Theaters page.