Falcon 4.0 PMC Europe Theater

Cold War 1984 in central europe, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Warsaw Pact facing each other, east versus west, democracy vs communism, thousands of aircrafts, armored vehicles and hundreds of thousands of soldiers ready to go battle on the ground and in the sky.

Are you ready for Cold War turned hot... World War III?

Background of Europe

PMC Europe Theater Tactical Fighter Wing

The good old cold war scenario, NATO versus Warsaw Pact forces. Red Storm type of warfare right in the middle of European landscape.

This theater is build by the PMC team by it has really been effort of the Falcon 4 community to start to create this. First we created small 64 seg Europe theater for tutorial purposes and then Javanree informed us that he's creating Europe also. So we supported him with forum at the time. Some time later Javanree informed that he cannot continue developing Europe so basically we took it under our wings.

Right now you're watching the effort of information input from lot of guys which we are very grateful, the theater files are created by PMC team so if you got flames you know who to yell at. First unofficial Europe release was small 64 segment map, which got pretty nice welcome from the scene.

In the discussions in our forum it was obvious that to fully enjoy EURO theater we need to go with large 128 theater size. At the beginning of 128 theater selection there was some problems, current DEM data converter did not work fully with the coordinates we selected, we had to make small compromise with the theater coordinates and still got some distortion in the upper corners of the terrain/objectives.

PMC then released unofficially again it in 128 size. It was not until great Falcon 4 guru named Julian "Codec" Onions brought he's mighty coding skills into the area and provided the theater geeks with extremely cool dem2terrain util, that we got to build the theater which you now see on the image above.

There again we had to think twice about the location, in the north is the Nordic Theater and in the south is the Balkans so we made slight compromise and took some of the Balkans landscape into this theater.

Size and Coordinates

These are the technical details of European theater. First of all its an 128 segment theater which means its twice larger than size of original Microprose Korean theater. Here are the specifications:

(Nautical Miles): 1104.75 x 1104.75
Resolution: 0.134858 Nautical Miles
Centered on: Lat 53 Long 9
NW: Lat 62.2063 Long -10.7437
NE: Lat 62.2063  Long 28.7437
SW: Lat 43.7937 Long -3.75398
SE: Lat 43.7937  Long 21.754
Highest point: 14658ft.


Currently textures (tiles) are the default Korean as we don't have texture artists to make new tiles for this theater. We have tried to create the terrain not to have same patterns as Korea but yes it still looks much like Korea because the textures are identical. If anyone is willing to contribute by doing textures, just let us know.


It has so far the most objectives in any Falcon 4 theater to date, so far the amount is about 16500 targets for you to hit (well of course you don't hit civilian cities but anyways). Theater objectives includes all important civilian and military airbases, all capital cities and tons of village types. Army bases, depots, radar stations, SAM sites, headquarters can be expected to be found on the landscape. The campaign that comes with the theater package is basic East versus West type with all the hardware that can be found on Falcon 4 database.

PMC Europe Theater Tactical Fighter Wing

Forward Line Of Troops (FLOT) in the default campaign will concentrate on the Germany and Poland border where NATO and East forces clash. Infantry and armor are present in the border but so far we haven't get to test who's going to win. There is large support aircrafts and bomber aircrafts coming from England and U.S. carrier group is patrolling northwest of Netherlands coast. As there are so much factories to go around, there is going to be lot of targets to choose from besides the ground forces in the front lines and remains to be seen what is the overall effect in the war scenario. All suggestions for additional campaigns and unit placements are welcome!

As this theater has so much objectives, it seems that time acceleration of the campaign will "lag" it a bit, meaning when you run it at 64x speed there are pauses and the aircrafts then jump great deal when they move the next time. This can be avoided... simply by not using so fast time acceleration. There is NO slowdown effect on normal 1x time and even 4x seems to run smooth. The 3D worlds framerates are currently BETTER than Korean campaign.

Version and Download

Latest version can be found from Falcon 4.0 PMC Theaters page.