Falcon 4.0 Afghanistan Theater

Background of AfghanistanPMC Tactical

This theater was first build in the early days of theater development using the Dem2LF Perl scripts to create the basic terrain. No objectives or anything was created, just the 64 segment terrain. It was our own little test area for "rugged" area with the high mountains. First thing I remember when flying instant action over the mountains was more likely the Instant Crash as the F-16 hit the mountains. Then Afghanistan sunk deep into PMC F4Terrain Archives and started to collect dust... We were building Vietnam and ODS and stuff like that for months and months, all was sweet and life was good. No worries.

Then came the morning of September 11th 2001, as two airliners hit the World Trade Center buildings, third one struck Pentagon and fourth went down in the field of Pennsylvania. America was under attack. Terrorists had bring the war into the United States, they killed thousands of innocent people...

Our operations stopped right there was we were watching CNN live feed of the New York and Washington. I must say I have never ever seen anything so bad in my life, it was many days before I could even think of Falcon theater work. It was just too devastating, even hard to believe its true. It was some time later as the first request came to Afghanistan theater, the terrorist harboring Taliban scumbags need a lesson, who else better to teach that than pair of MK-84's in Falcon 4!

So we were slowly back to theater work and we started to work on the Afghanistan Theater, immediately we took the new developments of the theater business in hand and selected the appropriate 128 segment theater using the old DEM2L2 converter to build terrain and objectives. This time T-Rex stepped into the area with lot of ideas and suggestions for the theater. We created the forum area for the theater put out the first version in the lame egroups which puked after couple of downloads.

Since that PMC Afghanistan Theater has developed into full theater with custom texture tiles, working active campaigns, new user interface etc.

Size and Coordinates
The theater size is 128 segments because the land mass of Afghanistan cannot fit in the 64 segments. Coordinates we chose are centered on the Afghanistan of course, but it also includes just bit of the ocean so we can place US carrier groups. Here is the specifications...
Size (Nautical Miles): 1104.75 x 1104.75
Resolution: 0.134858 Nautical Miles
Centered on: Lat 33 Long 68
NW: Lat 42.2063 Long 55.5714
NE: Lat 42.2063 Long 80.4286
SW: Lat 23.7937 Long 57.9385
SE: Lat 23.7937 Long 78.0615
Highest point: 27260ft.

The textures/tiles are 512 x 512 resolution.

Tiles are completely new, no old Korean tiles are used in Afghanistan terrain. Tiles also look rather poor if not totally ugly because the guy who made them has no artistic skills. We seriously need texture/tile artists to help us create new ones to really make this terrain look great. So please contact us if you have any interest to help us out. The tileset is very limited and there is some small alignment errors also due the fast nature of creation the tiles.

There are three campaigns shipped with this theater, we tried to create Enduring Freedom type of campaign but it seems to be rather difficult due the real world squadron/force deployments. These three campaigns include very easy (less activity) mainly carrier based strike campaign, moderately difficult campaign and then very difficult campaign. These are still under lot of development so we have no back stories or additional details.

The campaigns include lot of ground units, movements is not guaranteed. Lot of aircrafts so you'll get that high activity. The loadouts are from default Falcon 4 database in all campaigns.

Version and Download
Latest version can be found from Falcon 4.0 PMC Theaters page.