Stories 2022-08-26 River Valley Plain Game-play Cities Skylines - PMC Tactical

Stories 2022-08-26 River Valley Plain Game-play

2022-08-26T02:34:00Z Started savegame on River Valley Plain, all but ship outside connections and natural resources, suitable area for building 59%, base theme: boreal.

Goal is to reach population 100k today as quick as possible while still enjoying the game.

Addons used: 81 tiles, camera position utility, chirpy exterminator, cinematic camera extended v0.5.1, csl show more limits, enhanced outside connections view, extended game options, extra landscaping tools, first person camera, harmony v2.2, lifecycle rebalance revisited v1.6.4, optimize outside connections, precision engineering, random tree rotation, realistic population 2 v2.0.5, rebalanced industries, roundabout builder, TM:PE stable v11.6.6.3, transfermanager ce v1.8.10, transporttool v2.3.1, ultimate level of detail, unlimited oil and ore, unlimited soil, Demographics. List updated: 2022-08-26T02:32:00Z

Used 81 tiles addon to unleash the whole terrain. Decided to do some specialized industry with painted zones and main buildings etc (Industries DLC), just for a change on my usual game-play routine. This terrain is not looking very sexy for such activity even though all of the natural resources are there, this is slightly claustrophobic terrain with water and such, but hey lets give it a try anyways.

This is starter setup, a bit hard to see commercial and residential furthest away.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

2022-08-26T02:45:00Z Unpaused the game, lets start this thing.

First save game for River_Valley_Plain_1 file name.

Switched budget to 50% on all services so we can save some money in the beginning.

2022-08-26T02:55:00Z Little Hamlet population 440.

Turned on taxes to 12% for industrial, low density residential and commercial.

2022-08-26T03:02:00Z Worthy Village population 900.

Created my first districts for PMC Residential 1, PMC Industrial 1 and PMC Commercial 1. Placed fire station, police station and health clinic.

Saved game for River_Valley_Plain_2 file name.

2022-08-26T03:12:00Z Tiny Town population 1.4k.

Replaced PMC Industrial 1 district roads with industry road type (small for local and medium for collector). Placed warehouse yard to PMC Industrial 1 district, set it to commercial goods and named it PMC Goods WH 1. Started to use two lane asphalt roads for residential areas from now on.

Saved game for River_Valley_Plain_3 file name.

Painted PMC Forestry 1 industry district, lets get industry DLC stuff started. But first have to wait for more money to come in Smiley :)

2022-08-26T03:25:00Z Placed forestry industry main building, industry has started Smiley :)

Quick ALT-TAB to read paradox wiki about the optimal industry extractor and processor use Smiley ;)

Reading which is the following.

Step 1: "build 1 Small Tree Plantation, and plan to build 2 Large Tree Sapling Fields when unlocked. Together, these 3 extractors will produce 24K Raw Forest Products per cycle".

Step 2: "Build a Small Log Yard or two, within easy reach of your fields.".

Step 3: "build 2 Engineered Wood Plants and 3 Pulp Mills.".

Step 4: "Build at least three Warehouses: one for Paper, one for Planed timber, and one for Furniture.".

Info: "Each Engineered Wood Plant will consume 4.3K Raw Forest Products and produce 6.4K planed timber, totaling 12.8K planed timber available for Unique Factories or export. Each Pulp Mill will consume 4.3K Raw Forest Products and produce 6.4K paper, totaling 19.2K paper available for Unique Factories or export."

Info: "A Furniture Factory will consume 3.2K planed timber and 2.4K paper. The remainder can be exported until you build the other 2 factories that utilize planed timber, and the other 5 factories that utilize paper.".

Right now I'm out of money, so need to wait a bit for tax revenue and citizens to come in.

2022-08-26T03:38:00Z Placed small tree plantation, budget now 5.9k.

2022-08-26T03:40:00Z Placed small log yard, budget now 407 Smiley ;)

2022-08-26T03:46:00Z Umm err, well now I realize that this paradox wiki guide is for "achievements unlocked" or something type game-play, I'm just starting here so I have nothing "unlocked" and you get that "2 engineered wood plants" only with level FOUR forestry district, which I assume will take quite a while to reach. So yeah that is nonsense. I'll just purchase sawmill and start to produce something, whatever I can and go from there.

Sawmill cost 15k and now I have 9.6k as I'm typing this, so we wait.

2022-08-26T03:51:00Z Purchased sawmill, budget now 345 Smiley ;)

2022-08-26T03:55:00Z First vehicle started to export timber products from sawmill.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

2022-08-26T03:58:00Z Semi-truck departed from sawmill, exporting timber products. I am not sure but I think some forum posts said you get no money for these exports, which is odd, in the "industry area info" panel it has tree view of acquisition, raw forest products, paper, planed timber, then upkeep and total profit. For me right now it shows -288 heh.

Anyways, we'll continue one step at the time and learn as we go.

Learn? Err heh yeah I have played with industries DLC many times already, all of them farming, forestry, oil and ore, but it has been such mega randomly spamming buildings down and hoping it just works, heh. Now I really want to learn what is efficient industries DLC building usage for all of them Smiley :)

Looks like sawmill requests "raw forest products" from small log yard, they send a vehicle/truck to bring in a load, then sawmill use raw forest products to process planed timber, which is then sold for export because I don't have further use for it or even a warehouse where to store it.

2022-08-26T04:05:00Z Sawmill another semi-truck exporting planed timber.

2022-08-26T04:08:00Z Same as above, tractor this time heh. Now industry area info shows total profit 2082.

2022-08-26T04:12:00Z Sawmill exporting a semi-truck load, budget now 37k.

2022-08-26T04:20:00Z Purchased warehouse yard and named it "PMC Planed Timber WH 1" and as the name suggests used stored resource of planed timber.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

2022-08-26T04:22:00Z Forest forwarder vehicle left sawmill and delivered load of planed timber products to PMC Planed Timber WH 1 Smiley :)

This was 16 tons of planed timber. Hmm 16t, I read somewhere that one truck load is 8t, but perhaps that was literally just it, a TRUCK like box truck or a van is 8t, but these farming and forest tractors and perhaps semi-trucks as well are 16 ton capacity, maybe? I know garbage truck is 20,000 unit capacity but is that 20t or? Hehe, dunno Smiley :)

2022-08-26T04:29:00Z Created PMC Farming 1 industry district, not going to get it started yet, but just drew it ready so I can orient myself and plan ahead.

2022-08-26T04:32:00Z Semi-truck delivering planed timber to warehouse. Dumb to mention, but PMC Planed Timber WH 1 is now 32t/200t capacity.

2022-08-26T04:34:00Z Forest forwarder delivered load of raw forestry products to sawmill.

Hmm I haven't mentioned the deliveries from small tree plantation into small log yard, there is semi-truck doing deliveries every now and then. Besides the startup, small log yard has not imported raw forestry products and its storage is currently at 285/600 tons, 47% full.

2022-08-26T04:38:00Z Another delivery for warehouse, capacity now 47/200 tons.

2022-08-26T04:39:00Z Another delivery for sawmill. Sawmill's storage capacity is 29 tons for raw forestry products and planed timber.

2022-08-26T04:42:00Z Another delivery for warehouse, capacity now 63/200 tons.

Yes I'm a bit mouthful with these timestamps and updates, but I really want to understand how industries DLC stuff works so I can use it efficiently and smartly. I want it fully documented, for you and me.

2022-08-26T04:44:00Z Delivery to sawmill.

2022-08-26T04:46:00Z Delivery to warehouse, capacity now 79/200 tons.

2022-08-26T04:47:00Z PMC Forestry 1 district reached level 2. Now I get to buy new stuff, biomass pellet plant, furniture factory, saw dust storage, forestry workers barracks and small tree sapling field.

Purchased small tree sapling field, budget now 7.9k.

2022-08-26T04:52:00Z Delivery for sawmill.

2022-08-26T04:53:00Z First semi-truck delivery from small tree sapling greenhouse to small log yard. This was 16t delivery. Small log yard capacity now 316/600 tons.

2022-08-26T04:55:00Z Delivery to warehouse, capacity now 92/200 tons.

Hmm so now I'm getting profit again, 2074 this time. I wonder where does this profit coming from, all I've done is running this extractor to log yard to sawmill to warehouse loop, I have not exported or sold anything as I understand it. Hmm guess the profit is some kind of tax thing or something then? I mean me, as player, is like citys mayor or something, not the CEO of this forest district company heh. Dunno, not that it matters but would be nice to know what the hell is the money for Smiley ;)

2022-08-26T04:58:00Z Delivery for sawmill.

Hmm OK I'll stop these play-by-play updates, just going to mention if something new happens. Going to wait until I have enough budget to purchase both biomass pellet plant and another small warehouse yard so I can start to make paper.

2022-08-26T05:05:00Z PMC Planed Timber WH 1 sent tractor to take a load of planed timber to generic industry building, nice. And few moments later another tractor.

2022-08-26T05:07:00Z Small log yard is exporting raw forestry products, guess its so full hmm.

2022-08-26T05:11:00Z Purchased biomass pellet plant and small warehouse yard named PMC Paper WH 1, budget now 571 heh. Now this is getting exciting, another industries building Smiley :)

And semi-truck left from small log yard right away to deliver raw forestry products to biomass pellet plant. But yeah I wont be doing play-by-play about these comings and goings, just when something happens.

2022-08-26T05:24:00Z Lunch time, will pause game while I eat, don't want to miss any action Smiley :)

2022-08-26T05:56:00Z Feeding time is over, back to learning industry DLC forestry stuff.

2022-08-26T06:19:00Z Purchased Furniture Factory, which is a unique factory building. And small warehouse yard set into unique factory products storage mode.

2022-08-26T06:31:00Z Boom Town population 2.4k.

Cemetery and bus depot became available in this milestone, cemetery is essential for life heh.

2022-08-26T06:37:00Z Purchased second sawmill and biomass pellet plant.

2022-08-26T06:39:00Z PMC Forestry 1 industry district reached level 3. Got access to new buildings: printing process, medium tree plantation and large log yard.

2022-08-26T06:48:00Z First delivery from small warehouse yard of unique factory products left to our commercial zone. I have no idea if I'm getting some extra money from "all this work" or whats going on. According to budget industry areas tab we are taking a loss of -1.7k a week Smiley ;)

Currently my extraction buildings are small tree plantation with production rate 5,184 units per week. Small tree sapling greenhouse with production rate 6,912 units per week.

Processor buildings are 2 * sawmill with production rate 3,456 units per week and 2 * biomass pellet plant with production rate 3,467 units per week.

Unique factory is furniture factory with production rate 2,400 units per week.

2022-08-26T07:42:00Z Started to put together PMC Farming 1 industrial district.

Placed farming industry main building to activate the whole thing, then placed small crop field and small fruit greenhouse, these are for extractor. For storage placed small grain silo.

For processor building placed small animal pasture.

Now we get crops which are used for animals which produce animal products.

Small crop field production rate 2,400 units per week. Small fruit greenhouse production rate 2,400 units per week. Small animal pasture production rate, well err its zero now before it gets crops to feed the animals heh.

2022-08-26T08:01:00Z Forgot to place down warehouse for animal products, realized it as animal pasture sent semi-truck to export products for outside connection Smiley :)

Soon after purchased second small crop field.

2022-08-26T08:26:00Z Started to create PMC Ore 1 industrial zone with main building.

PMC Ore 1 industrial district is setup, I think. Getting pretty tired already, kinda zombi mode soon.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

Small ore mine production rate 4,800 units per week. Ore grinding mill production rate 3,200 per week.

2022-08-26T08:59:00Z Busy Town population 4.8k.

Fire helicopter depot became available in this milestone, this is must have to any large city, when you have traffic jams and fires, helicopters are a life savers. Except I have no money to buy one hehe.

Saved game for River_Valley_Plain_4 file name which is the last of the four rotating file names.

2022-08-26T09:07:00Z PMC Farming 1 industry district reached level 2, whee. Can now buy flour mill, bakery, farm workers barracks, cattle shed and a small barn.

Purchased flour mill, production rate 4,160 units per week. Lets get ready for baking.

2022-08-26T09:15:00Z PMC Ore 1 industry district reached level 2, hoho. New buildings available, ore industry workers barracks, industrial steel plant, glass manufacturing plant, ore storage, small ore mine underground.

2022-08-26T09:50:00Z PMC Oil 1 industrial district got pumps drilling etc.

2022-08-26T09:56:00Z I had to call it a night, in full zombi mode unable to continue, time for bed, nites.

2022-08-26T16:31:00Z New Cities Skylines building day has started, lets learn more about industries DLC stuff. Just woke up, did computer morning chores but have not eaten days first meal yet, want to get some city action first to wet my apetite heh.

I hope today will be a great industries DLC day Smiley :)

Right off the start purchased medium warehouse and named it PMC Oil WH 1, set stored resource to petroleum and transfer manager to NOT allow exports to outside connections. None of my industry buildings allow outside connection imports / exports, we do stuff locally.

Small oil pump production rate 4,800 units per week (I hope I didn't write these down yesterday already, cant remember was so dead tired in zombi mode haha), oil sludge pyrolysis plant production rate 4,000 units per week.

So units, what the fuck are the units? Huh Smiley :?

When you purchase small crude oil tank farm its tooltip shows capacity 300,000 (without the comma, btw), however when its placed and running, its info panel shows storage: ? / 900 barrels. Barrels? What fucking barrels, how many liters or whatever is one fucking barrel? ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER! DO YOU SPEAK IT!? Smiley :(

Our bakery is producing pastries and they are stored locally on small warehouse yard as unique factory products.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

Currently our unique factory products warehouse has storage: 75 / 100 tons (whatever fuck that tons means). Delivery trucks from here are sent to our commercial district to sell these goods, no outside connections allowed as said, everything is local production and consumption, just the way I like it.

I read somewhere last night that indeed import / export does not have a value, imports are free and you get no money from exports. You are like citys mayor so you get TAX REVENUE to your budget, what these companies in your city import or export are their business, your business is to tax them for commercial zone sales and such, or something ... Smiley ;)

This is overview of our city now, 2D top-down camera bearing 0 degrees (north).

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

2022-08-26T16:50:00Z Purchased second oil sludge pyrolysis plant. If my understanding is correct the "units" should be counted together for example one small oil pump produces 4.8k/week and sludge pyrolysis plant produces 4k/week, so 4.8-4 == 0.8 units leftover heh.

Did I mention last night we got commercial zone goods warehouse by the commercial zone as well.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

Although I really don't recall time when our commercial zone had ran out of goods to sell, well in previous savegame when traffic flow was so awesome.

2022-08-26T17:14:00Z Did quick google on the industries DLC stuff, I am not the only one who is confused, some people even say its broken with so much fluctuating budget, one day you make thousands of profit and the next you take thousands of hit. Dunno.

2022-08-26T17:19:00Z PMC Oil 1 industry district has reached level 2, new buildings, petrochemical plant, small oil drilling rig, household plastic factory, oil industry workers barracks and crude oil storage cavern.

Small oil drilling rig production rate 6,400 units per week. Petrochemical plant production rate 4,000 units per week. Crude oil storage cavern capacity 400,000.

2022-08-26T17:23:00Z Oil sludge pyrolysis plant 2 says "not enough raw materials", hmm so yeah processor produce more than my single oil pump can put out.

Also now small oil pump production rate 4,992 units per week, err how did it suddenly just increase? Smiley :?

Well obviously because the level up, but what the fuck is the point of writing this shit down if it just changes 4 times with these game-y "level ups"? Sigh.

2022-08-26T17:28:00Z Purchased petrochemical plant, now oil industry produces petroleum and plastic.

2022-08-26T17:31:00Z Purchased small oil drilling rig as now two processor were whining about not enough raw materials.

BTW so far I've completely ignored rest of my city, my eyes have been on the industries DLC districts all the time Smiley ;)

2022-08-26T17:35:00Z Purchased medium warehouse and set its stored resource to plastics, no exports.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

Immediately petrochemical plant 1 started to deliver some plastics there.

2022-08-26T17:41:00Z Purchased medium tree plantation for PMC Forestry 1 industry district as processors there were also running out of raw materials. Same as always, no exports, we do stuff locally.

2022-08-26T17:44:00Z Purchased glass manufacturing plant for PMC Ore 1 industry district.

2022-08-26T17:48:00Z Glass manufacturing plant 1 says "not enough buyers for products" because I forgot to buy (didn't have money, actually) warehouse for glass products Smiley ;)

2022-08-26T17:49:00Z Purchased small warehouse, set stored resource to glass, no exports, the usual.

2022-08-26T17:52:00Z Saved game and now its my days first meal time, will let game run in normal speed while I eat.

2022-08-26T18:10:00Z PMC Oil 1 industry district reached level 3, new buildings, large oil pump, toy factory and oil industry storage. I knew this is going to happen when I eat heh.

2022-08-26T18:18:00Z Feeding time is over, back to industries DLC stuff.

Made calculations for PMC Oil 1 district buildings. Extractors small oil pump 1 production rate 5,184 and small oil drilling rig 1 production rate 6,912. Processors oil sludge pyrolysis plant 1 (and 2) production rate 4,320 and petrochemical plant 1 production rate 4,320 as well.

That is total extraction units: 12,096 and processor capacity: 12,960.

So that is more or less even, yeah eventually processors milk the pumps dry but should be mostly OK operation.

PMC Ore 1 district buildings. Extractors small ore mine 1 production rate 4,992. Processors ore grinding mill 1 production rate 3,328 and glass manufacturing plant 1 production rate 3,328 as well.

That is total extraction units: well doh 4,992 and processor capacity: 6,656.

So ore stuff is lagging behind quite much, odd that I haven't seen icons pop up yet, maybe its not been enough time yet.

PMC Farming 1 district buildings. Extractors small crop field 1 production rate 2,496, small crop field 2 production rate 2,496, small crop field 3 production rate 2,496 and small fruit field 1 production rate 2,496. Processors small animal pasture 1 production rate (well 24 as it was out of raw materials as I'm typing this), small animal pasture 2 production rate 2,496, flour mill production rate 4,160.

That is total extraction units: 9,984 and processor capacity: 6,656 plus whatever the first animal pasture is when operating Smiley :)

PMC Forestry 1 district buildings. Extractors small tree plantation 1 production rate 5,184, small tree sapling greenhouse 1 production rate 6,912, medium tree plantation 1 production rate 8,640. Processors sawmill 1 production rate 3,456, sawmill 2 production rate 3,456, biomass pellet plant 1 production rate 3,456, biomass pellet plant 2 production rate 3,456.

That is total extraction units: 20,736 and processor capacity: 10,368.

Forestry stuff is lacking in processor capacity. Hmm small log yard 1 storage currently 274 / 600 tons so 45% full, hmm this should be full up to the brim if we extract that much more, or maybe we are exporting locally to our generic industry hmm, would need to keep and eye on this district what they are doing.

Unique factories, furniture factory production rate 2,400, bakery production rate 3,840.

It was cool to see unique factory warehouse sending deliveries to commercial zone, feels so good to have our own products sold there instead of some dirty imports Smiley ;)

2022-08-26T18:42:00Z Purchased unique factory: industrial steel plant which takes metals and outputs steel products. Production rate 6,400 units per week. No outside connection exports. Purchased medium warehouse for unique factory products storage, no outside connection exports.

2022-08-26T19:02:00Z Purchased small crop field for PMC Farming 1 district, we need more capacity! Smiley :)

So to update PMC Farming 1 district extractors list: 4 * small crop field == total production rate: 9,984.

Soon after I realized why my farming district crop production values did not match, bakery as unique factory needs crops as well, its capacity for crops is 48 tons (48,000 units). Not exactly sure how that computes to weekly rate for crop demand. But guess I'll need to step up my crop production big time Smiley :o

2022-08-26T19:12:00Z Purchased fifth small crop field, updated farming extractor capacity: 12,480 units.

Did quick expansion for PMC Residential 1 district, these pesky people bother my industry DLC learning sessions, hopefully they keep quiet for a while now with the new living spaces hehe. Residential remand has been 100% for a while as I've been having fun with industry districts.

2022-08-26T19:35:00Z Purchased saw dust storage, capacity 800 tons (800,000 units). Small log yard 1 is full and extractor complains no buyers for products. Set saw dust storage 1 outside connection exports OFF, as usual.

What have I learned about industries DLC buildings now is that without Transfer Manager CE addon it would be dumb to run these districts as AI would start to outside connection export your hard earned stuff the moment you turn your back. With transfer manager ce you can disable every buildings outside connection import / export.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

Gotta love that addon.

Went to the restroom with game running in normal speed, came back and again bakery is screaming for no enough special goods, crops were out again. Okay lets add two more small crop fields to PMC Farming 1 district.

Update on PMC Farming 1 district: 9 small crop fields, 1 small fruit field, total extraction capacity: 24,960 units.

Welcome to my office.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

Now industrial steel plant is complaining about "not enough special goods!" heh. She ran out of metals.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

2022-08-26T20:02:00Z Now bakery ran out of flour, hmm is our flour production rate too low hmm.

After watching bakery for a moment, yup we are processing too little flour right now. Okay time to do another set of farming calculations heh.

Extraction 10 * 2,496 == 24,960. Processing animal products 2 * 2,496 == 4,992 and flour 4,160 which is total processing 9,152.

2022-08-26T20:10:00Z Purchased another flour mill.

Update on processing flour 2 * 4,160 == 8,320.

2022-08-26T20:15:00Z Glass manufacturing plant 1 says not enough buyers for products, our glass warehouse is full.

Oh, just realized we don't have any unique factory which uses glass, heh well that explains it Smiley :p

There is no unique factories yet "unlocked" which use glass, so guess for time being I'll just allow this building to export into outside connection, let it sell its stuff off. Dunno why exactly, I don't get any money from those sales but hmm the building could be abandoned if "not enough buyers for products" is not resolved, so better to resolve it.

2022-08-26T20:24:00Z Industrial steel plant complains about lack of metals, hmm need to buy another ore grinding mill to make some more. That unique factory production rate is 6,400 units per week and ore grinding mill is only 3,200 units per week, yikes. So purchased another ore grinding mill.

2022-08-26T20:28:00Z Purchased small ore mine underground, production rate 6,400 units per week.

Its actual production rate is 6,656 units per week with districts current "level ups".

I'm spending much of my time in views like this monitoring industry district activities.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

No idea whats going on in elsewhere in the city, I let my secretary handle all that stuff while I'm having fun with industry Smiley :p

"Don't bother me unless whole city burns down!" hehe.

Currently outside connections imports 119 and exports 42, don't think I've ever seen them so low for a city of this size in my savegames, nicely done.

2022-08-26T20:48:00Z Petrochemical plant 1 is full of plastics and warehouse is full too, hmm unique factory is not keeping up with our production.

Haha no, you idiot. Plastics is another product that I still don't have unique factory for Smiley ;)

2022-08-26T20:51:00Z Purchased "Household Plastic Factory" unique factory which requires petroleum and plastics, produces unique plastic products. Production rate 3,200 units per week. This should solve PMC Oil 1 districts plastic surplus heh.

2022-08-26T20:55:00Z Big Town population 7.5k.

High density zones, metro, incineration plant, university and large warehouse are now available. But who cares as I'm having so much fun with industry DLC districts Smiley :p

But I did buy incinerator plant times two and university, gotta have some basics done even though I spend all my time with industry.

In glass manufacturing plant 1 turned off allow outside connections exports now that we have our own use for plastics.

2022-08-26T21:12:00Z Finally added some high density residential for new people to move in Smiley ;)

2022-08-26T21:14:00Z Purchased medium warehouse for glass storage.

2022-08-26T21:15:00Z PMC Farming 1 industrial district has reached level 3. New buildings, lemonade factory (for some glass, yes!), milking parlor, medium crop field and medium fruit field.

2022-08-26T21:18:00Z Purchased lemonade factory, inputs crops and glass, output lemonade. Production rate 3,200 units per week.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

2022-08-26T21:22:00Z PMC Ore 1 industrial district has reached level 3. New buildings, rotary kiln plant, electronics factory, seabed mining vessel and medium ore mine.

2022-08-26T21:28:00Z Small City population 10k.

This milestone gives us cargo train station and two good policies. Activated small business enthusiast and big business benefactor policies.

2022-08-26T21:47:00Z Purchased Printing Press unique factory, input: paper, plastics, output: printed products. Production rate 3,840 units per week.

2022-08-26T21:50:00Z Purchased Toy Factory unique factory, input: paper, planed timber and plastics, output: toys. Production rate 6,400 units per week.

2022-08-26T21:56:00Z Purchased Electronics Factory unique factory, input: plastics, glass and metals, output: electronics. Production rate 6,720 units per week.

Wonder at which point our unique factory product warehouses along with commercial zone gets overwhelmed? Smiley :)

2022-08-26T22:07:00Z Now I got more or less nicely working industries DLC district areas setup with several unique factories, there is still plenty of unique factories to "unlock". I'm amazed how nicely this all fit together even though there was not really precise planning involved, sure I did couple of extractor vs processor calculations but all those are now outta the window because unique factories require crops and such, hmm or was crops the only raw material heh dunno.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

I have zero understanding about the specialized industry budget, first of all it fluctuates a great deal that you are probably going to need at least 100,000 budget as a safety buffer so you wont go to negative, profits go up and down so wildy its simply crazy. One week you can take -50k hit and the next week you can make 100k, its just silly. (I haven't seen those just throwing example numbers). I did manage to get my industry DLC districts off the ground right away, but it was a struggle for budget no doubt.

One thing that was surprising is how little you need to run industry setup, in my previous savegames I completely and utterly destroyed traffic as I spammed those buildings down completely almost random manner as I had zero clue how they work together. For example I placed probably 10-20 oil drills, right now I have two (2)! Heh that is amazing! Smiley :D

For idiots like me, the natural resources info view usually means "lets fill those with industry", heh no, not by a long shot. If you would fill in even a small natural resource deposits with just industry buildings it would totally break traffic by the amount of vehicles you would get. No, just simply no. Natural resources info view is NOT guide to "fill all these colors up!" heh.

Smiley ;)

2022-08-26T22:20:00Z Still got 8 unique factories to "unlock". However I do have to admit that the initial excitement is now gone, all specialized industry districts are done and running pretty smoothly, there is nothing to do anymore other than level them up and get the bigger buildings in play. Went through all the specialized industry types, there is no new "types" of buildings to "unlock", they are the same just larger capacity.

So yes, you could say that "yawn, now what?" heh. It was, and well, still is cool, though.

2022-08-26T22:27:00Z My unique factories do flash "not enough special goods" quite a lot. They would probably need warehouses close by for quicker deliveries, not that my industry areas would be that far away but still.

2022-08-26T22:30:00Z Purchased large log yard and Medium Tree Plantation. Just to get workers number up a bit so we can level this forestry district up.

2022-08-26T22:55:00Z Lunch break, will let game run in normal speed while I eat.

2022-08-26T23:24:00Z Feeding time is over, back to industry.

Whole time I was eating had camera view on unique factories, they nice and slow rotated through "not enough special goods", slow calm without traffic jam vehicle stream ran through this area, icons went away then came back in a loop.

Then paused game, went through each unique factory checking input materials against industry areas for a supply, is there clearly not enough supply or is it warehouse + vehicle delivery speed issue.

Furniture Factory input planed timber storage 29 tons, paper storage 26 tons.

Bakery animal products storage 22 tons, crops storage 48 tons, flour storage 26 tons.

Household Plastic Factory petroleum storage 29 barrels, plastics storage 22 tons.

Industrial Steel Plant metals storage 31 tons.

Lemonade Factory crops storage 53 tons, glass storage 22 tons.

Printing Press paper storage 29 tons, plastics storage 22 tons.

Toy Factory paper storage 29 tons, planed timber storage 29 tons, plastics storage 22 tons.

Electronics Factory plastics storage 22 tons, glass storage 22 tons, metals storage 22 tons.

In the industrial districts inspection found that: animal products 174 tons, flour 215 + 472 tons, crops "a lot", planed timber 80 tons, paper 22 tons, glass 20 + 178 tons, metal basically OUT (11 tons), petroleum 594 tons and plastics OUT (3 tons).

Hmm so these were warehouses or in case of crops the farm bin silos. Sure some buildings send directly to the unique factories so you cant really state that warehouse numbers are absolute inventory, but they give good idea of your stock.

So what I can tell is that flour, crops, glass and petroleum we have plenty.

As game is paused after my meal and I'm writing this inventory of stuff, only two factories are out of special products, electronics factory has no plastics and printing press has no, guess what, plastics. Gotcha, so plastics is our first culprit of any issues in supply. Lets investigate.

It was easy investigation, we only have one perochemical plant and its running overdrive trying to meet demand. So we buy another one.

2022-08-26T23:41:00Z Purchased petrochemical plant, I call this "2" now. Lets see if that would balance out the need for plastic.

Another issue was metal being so low in the source, so when checking ore district I found out that my two ore grinding mills are 2 * 3,456 production rate, hmm maybe that is not enough.

2022-08-26T23:46:00Z Purchased Rotary Kiln Plant, what a beast of building that is heh. Production rate 6,400 units per week. This should surely satisfy those unique factories metals need.

Also purchased small warehouse yard (as it just fit into one road grid nicely), storage mode metals and no outside connection exports.

Lets see if these changes would balance out the unique factory needs for plastics and metals.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

After running the game a short while in 3x speed I saw semi-trucks depart to deliver plastics straight outta petrochemical plant 2 for the unique factories. Nice.

In my opinion it was not that long at 3x speed when several deliveries already arrived, no metal issues anymore but plastic still remained. So I went and purchased yet another petrochemical plant to boost production.

2022-08-26T23:59:00Z PMC Oil 1 industrial district reached level 4. New buildings, waste oil refining plant, large oil drilling rig, oil industry maintenance building, large crude oil tank farm and petroleum refinery.

Whoah fire in the forestry district! Smiley :o

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

2022-08-27T00:07:00Z Toy Factory is out of paper, hmm okay, lets see if it was just a fluke or happens again.

A mere seconds later furniture factory was out of paper. Okay lets investigate forestry warehouses for our stock... hmm well we do have 52 tons of paper in the warehouse, so I'm not exactly convinced there are any production issues. Lets give it a bit more time to sort itself out.

2022-08-27T00:12:00Z Purchased petroleum refinery, input: petroleum, plastics and metals, output: fuels. Production rate 8,000 units per week.

More factories, probably need to boost more production of special products too Smiley ;)

2022-08-27T00:15:00Z Petroleum refinery unique factory is rocking.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

Petroleum Refinery petroleum storage 29 barrels, plastics 22 tons, metals 22 tons.

2022-08-27T00:20:00Z Big City population 16k.

Crematorium, large water tower and advanced inland water treatment plant are now available.

2022-08-27T00:31:00Z Plastics are still running out in unique factories. Purchased fourth petrochemical plant, hopefully this would now be enough. If not then we wait until level 5 and use the big plastic processing building.

2022-08-27T00:41:00Z Purchased large log yard, ran out of raw forestry material space again heh.

2022-08-27T00:50:00Z Purchased third Biomass Pellet Plant, forestry district just couldnt seem to keep production up for paper, hopefully this helps.

2022-08-27T00:52:00Z PMC Forestry 1 district reached level 4. New buildings, engineered wood plant, soft paper factory, wood chip storage, forestry maintenace building and large tree sapling field.

2022-08-27T00:54:00Z Purchased Soft Paper Factory unique factory, input crops, paper, petroleum and plastic. Production rate 7,680 units per week.

Soft Paper Factory crops storage 43 tons, paper storage 29 tons, petroleum storage 29 barrels, plastics storage 22 tons.

Another big whopping unique factory is running.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

2022-08-27T00:59:00Z Toy Factory reports "not enough buyers for products", oh our unique factory products warehouses are all full Smiley :)

Placed large warehouse with unique factory products storage mode right behind the low density commerical zone, also increased the zone by one row. This should relieve some pressure form the unique factory warehouses.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

2022-08-27T01:14:00Z Problem at PMC Ore 1 industrial district, glass manufacturing plant 1 complaints "not enough raw materials", ah okay so our extractors are not keeping up with production. Okay lets add some more.

Purchased medium ore mine, production rate 8,640 units per week. Capabilities grow.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

2022-08-27T01:20:00Z Lemonade Factory ran out of glass, OK lets see if it starts to happen all the time or was it just a fluke.

I must say I really enjoy this savegame with industries DLC main building district stuff. Its funny because some week(s) back I raged that industries DLC is nothing but money making gimmick in real life and in-game, that it serves no purpose for the city other than making money for the mayor aka player.

Well sure, guess that is still true that you can do the exact same things with default Cities Skylines non DLC stuff, specialized industry aka zoned industry, same farming etc is available there. But that lacks all the nitty gritty details like the raw materials, obviously buildings, etc. While it technically can create self sustaining city without imports, its just a pale comparison to industry DLC if this stuff is what interests you.

Zoned specialized industry is overly simplified version of this DLC, its to the point that its almost not worth using as there is not much to see, you zone orange unit blocks and well then different type buildings appear, thats it, nothing more. Of course if you just want to grow your population then playing with industries DLC is overkill, waste of time, you spend all your time like I'm doing right now, ignoring rest of the city while having fun with the industry sector hehe.

Its pretty much what you want to do, if nitty gritty stuff doesn't interest you then use zoned industry, if even that is blah then why not go with office zones, no polluting nasty buildings there, just fancy offices.

Dunno, for this nitty gritty industry purpose I currently think industries DLC is pretty great Smiley :)

Most likely in the future I feel again that this is too time consuming hands on approach for industry, but yeah, if ya don't like it then darn don't use it, eh Smiley ;)

While typing those few paragraphs above, shit hit the fan in-game. Looks like PMC Oil 1 industry district petrochemical plants ran out of raw materials, the two oil pumps cannot keep up, small crude oil tank farm is empty (8t left). Okay, time to add more oil drills / pumps.

2022-08-27T01:39:00Z Purchased large oil drilling rig. Production rate 9,600 units per week. And two Large Crude Oil Tank Farm.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

Good setup, should last us a little longer now.

2022-08-27T01:49:00Z Purchased medium warehouse for PMC Forestry Farming 1 industrial district, storage mode: flour.

Okay next issue seems to be ore 1 district, not enough glass production. Purchased our second Glass Manufacturing Plant.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

2022-08-27T02:03:00Z Purchased fourth unique factory products warehouse, large this time again, next to the commercial zone. Seems like the shops cant sell our shit fast enough heh. Well maybe all that changes when I put down some high density residential zones.

2022-08-27T02:08:00Z Okay I guess its time to grow this city a bit heh, been doing nothing but industries DLC main building stuff all savegame Smiley ;)

Population now 19k. Lets get growing.

2022-08-27T02:23:00Z New high density residential area foundations laid down.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

2022-08-27T02:27:00Z Purchased fourth Biomass Pellet Plant, we need more paper! Smiley ;)

2022-08-27T02:34:00Z Grand City population 20k.

2022-08-27T02:35:00Z Purchased Milking Parlor, for animal products, production rate 4,000 by default but in our three star districts its 4,960.

2022-08-27T02:37:00Z PMC Farming 1 industrial district has reached level 4. New buildings, clothing factory, farm maintenance building, large barn, slaughterhouse.

2022-08-27T02:41:00Z Purchased Clothing Factory, requires animal products, crops and plastics. Production rate 6,400 units per week.

Increased PMC Commercial 1 district size a bit so we can sell those unique factory products heh.

2022-08-27T02:53:00Z Purchased Saw Dust Storage and Wood Chip Storage for PMC Forestry 1 industrial district, again running out of space, those forest extractors push so much raw material Smiley :)

Ouch, should not have bought both at the same time in same area Smiley ;)

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

2022-08-27T03:05:00Z PMC Oil 1 industrial district has reached level 5, whee. New buildings, offshore oil drilling platform, naphta cracker plant and sneaker factory.

2022-08-27T03:12:00Z Purchased two Naphtha Cracker Plants and two large oil drilling rigs, heh why not.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

Then game-play started to get a bit frustrating, PMC Forestry 1 district is basically out of space, its against collector road and farming district. Guess it was small to begin with. Unique factories started to feel kind of whack-a-mole, hunt down one lacking special good and another one pops up.

I'm going to take a break, maybe watch movie or two to just take my mind off from Cities Skylines for few hours.

2022-08-27T03:32:00Z Saved game and shutdown Cities Skylines, time for a break.

2022-08-27T14:49:00Z New Cities Skylines industries DLC day has started, well not really, not anymore. Just woke up and did computer chores but did not eat days first meal yet. Todays plan is to leave industries DLC main buildings stuff run by themselves unless warning icons come up and just concentrate growing population, mainly high density residential with office zoning to reach our goal.

Created PMC Residential 4 district road grid and water foundations, saved game and went to grab a days first meal. Game will run in 3x speed while eating, hopefully nothing breaks.

2022-08-27T15:21:00Z Capital City population 32k.

Cargo harbor is now available.

2022-08-27T15:27:00Z Feeding time is over, back to building residential districts. Also I knew some milestone or something comes up while I'm eating, seems to happen most of the times heh.

There is a garbage issue in PMC Residential 2 district, processing capability is fine but its the distance, so need to build a garbage collecting point somewhere in this new area.

Placed two large warehouses in the new residential district, one for unique factory products and another for good old commercial goods.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

2022-08-27T15:50:00Z Colossal City population 44k.

This milestone gives nuclear power plant and cargo hub (ship + train terminal).

I can safely say I have never seen outside connections export statistics like this before Smiley :)

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

0 exports, well I mean "1" per type but that must be some game mechanic thing rather than actual unit exported.

Imports are 2.8k which has 2.4k of goods. So our generic industry is a bit lacking, or unique factory products too I guess.

2022-08-27T16:04:00Z Purchased Sneaker Factory, input: crops, paper, petroleum and plastics. Production rate 11,200 units per week.

Getting some truck and van traffic to new residential and commercial zones Smiley :)

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

Never ever zone large amounts of high density commercial zones, it generates initial spam of truck / van vehicles delivering goods. Add few buildings at one time and let the traffic settle down.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

Geez Smiley ;)

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

Creating new high density residential zone, even a single 4 x 4 unit building size zone will generate batch of private cars, a convoy of sorts, traveling through highway to your city. Or if you have passenger airport, bus or train terminals then citizens arrive through those. If you zone huge amounts of high density commercial zone then you get box truck and van traffic arriving to fill all those shops. Advice is: never ever zone large amount of high density commercial and residential at the same time, otherwise you get traffic jam gridlock and associated problems through out the city like in below screenshot. Later Edit: my 2022-09-14T19:00:00Z opinion is that you should never zone commercial of any density away from generic industry areas where the deliveries are coming from, add great public transport to the commercial zone so people can travel there without private cars. This seems to be the only way to do big stuff without massive traffic jams.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

Can we survive this? Uh oh Smiley :o

2022-08-27T17:02:00Z Metropolis population 65k.

2022-08-27T17:25:00Z Megalopolis population 80k.

Last milestone achieved, now we only need 20k more population and this savegame is done.

2022-08-27T18:00:00Z Was going to add some more residential zone, but looking at our population... I'll give it a bit more time, there might be enough households to squeeze in that we reach our population goal without doing anything.

Also current budget is 16.6 million, this is not unusual for my savegames, usually its over 15 million when a savegame hits 100k population, so the thing about people talking that industries DLC main building districts and unique product factories make crazy money, doesn't seem like its true. Of course once you have millions its hard to say if you have 14 or 16 which is 2 million difference, but yeah at this point I should have 20+ if I were to consider industries DLC a "crazy much money".

A lot of icons due slow traffic flow, been hoping it will eventually sort itself out, but its been a while now, so dunno.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

But it could sort itself out, there is so many private cars on the roads, still many households to fill in these districts so people are moving in, there is no intercity bus connection here and only metro coming from the other districts. Been very lazy to add efficient moving into city public transport.

After losing interest when "reaching everything" in industries DLC main buildings district thing, I haven't really cared for the rest of the city at all.

2022-08-27T18:15:00Z Aayeah! Our population is 100k, we have met our goal! Whohoo! Smiley ;)

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

Nothing else to do in this savegame right now, in the future I might return to this as its got nice industrial area stuff going on, but for now, its backup savegames and moving to other terrains.

2022-08-27T18:17:00Z Saved game and shutdown Cities Skylines, we are done for now.