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Stories of Cities Skylines Game-play

These are Cities Skylines game-play stories by Snake Man, PMC. Newer 2022 ones include a lot of nice screenshots as well.

In these stories I start a "New Game" and describe what I'm doing while playing, basically telling the savegame story. Any plans I had, how those plans were executed, if anything surprising happened, any joyful victories, furiously angering losses or game bugs / issues.

In late july 2022 decided to play through all the official terrains available in Cities Skylines current release version which was Airports DLC. Play through means starting a "New Game" savegame and growing population to 100,000 citizens as fast as possible while still enjoying the game. This was a massive undertaking and spoiler alert, took over ONE MONTH to finish.

This terrain savegame marathon was done because my burn out for ArmA 3 and Farming Simulator 19 editing / playing plus my usual daily computer routine. Just wanted to get my mind off the daily activities. This marathon was very healthy for my mind, I felt "rejuvenated" after it was all over, had renewed energy for ArmA 3 and FS19 again heh.

These stories are my raw unfiltered thoughts, if I felt great it shows and if I was angry then profanities are flying. If you are "offended" by strong language, please do not read these, there are plenty of stories for children on the internet.

Enjoy the city building stories Smiley :)

Stories 2021-10-30 Game-play

Stories 2021-11-05 Game-play

Stories 2021-11-08 Game-play

Stories 2022-03-08 Game-play

Stories 2022-03-12 Game-play

Stories 2022-04-01 Game-play

Stories 2022-07-27 Game-play

Stories 2022-07-28 Game-play

Stories 2022-07-29 Game-play

Stories 2022-08-03 Game-play

Stories 2022-08-03 Biomes Valley

Stories 2022-08-05 Black Woods

Stories 2022-08-06 Cavern Coast

Stories 2022-08-07 Cliffside Bay

Stories 2022-08-08 Crater Falls

Stories 2022-08-09 Hanami Bay

Stories 2022-08-10 Noyou Port

Stories 2022-08-10 Marin Bay

Stories 2022-08-10 Murky Coast

Stories 2022-08-11 Northwood Hills

Stories 2022-08-12 Roslyn Peninsula

Stories 2022-08-12 Wolf Creek

Stories 2022-08-13 Desert Oasis

Stories 2022-08-13 Fisher Enclave

Stories 2022-08-14 Swamplands

Stories 2022-08-15 Eden Valley

Stories 2022-08-16 Garden Rivers

Stories 2022-08-17 Lavender Lake

Stories 2022-08-19 Green Peaks

Stories 2022-08-19 Marble Canyon

Stories 2022-08-20 Pearl Bay

Stories 2022-08-21 Twin Fjords

Stories 2022-08-21 Woodgarden

Stories 2022-08-22 Desert Pass

Stories 2022-08-24 Mountain Taper

Stories 2022-08-26 River Valley Plain

Stories 2022-08-27 The Eyeland

Stories 2022-08-28 Tropical Pass

Stories 2022-08-29 Regal Hills

Stories 2022-08-29 Seven Lakes

Stories 2022-08-30 Prussian Peaks

Stories 2022-08-30 The Archipelago

Stories 2022-08-30 The Dust Bowl

Stories 2022-08-31 Honu Island

Stories 2022-09-02 Mountain Meadows

Stories 2022-09-02 Pine Rivers

Stories 2022-09-03 Windfield

Stories 2022-09-04 Frosty Rivers

Stories 2022-09-04 Frozenshire

Stories 2022-09-05 Icy Lands

Stories 2022-09-05 Snowy Coast

Stories 2022-09-06 Winter Hills

Stories 2022-09-06 Diamond Coast

Stories 2022-09-07 Foggy Hills

Stories 2022-09-07 Grand River

Stories 2022-09-08 Green Plains

Stories 2022-09-08 Islands

Stories 2022-09-09 Lagoon Shore

Stories 2022-09-10 Riverrun

Stories 2022-09-10 Sandy Beach

Stories 2022-09-11 Shady Strands

Stories 2022-09-11 Two Rivers