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Industries DLC

HOWTO Build Industries DLC industry?

"District and Areas" icon opens painting tools to paint all kinds of areas, including specialized industries. Check the TABs for additional options.

Do not assign generic industrial ZONE to the farming, forest, oil or ore specialized industry area because these will conflict. Residential, commercial or industrial zone has nothing to do with specialized industry, for example you might paint forest specialized district area and then assign industrial zone to it, well ugly polluting factories is build and there goes your nice natural forestry area.

Zoned Industry

Zoned industry is for farming, forestry, oil and ore. Generic industry is not "zoned industry" heh.

HOWTO build zoned industry? Paint a regular district, then go to the tab (sorry have no reference image now) for industry specialization, select either farming, forestry, oil or ore, now click on the newly painted district and icon will appear on it. Now its assigned industry speciality. When you click the district statistics you see the specialization icon there as well.

Now you can start to ZONE industry, just regular orange / yellow industry zoning inside this new specialized industry district. Buildings come up but instead of being GENERIC industry types, they are the type you assigned to this district.

Zoned industry requires natural resources for EXTRACTOR buildings to appear. If you do not have enough or at all natural resources in your district then only PROCESSOR buildings appear. This means you can create district anywhere and have processor building only special industry where these buildings will import all raw materials.

Extractor and Processor buildings appear randomly. If you have a strong natural resource then many if not only extractor buildings appear, if the natural resource is "so so", then mixture of extractor and processor buildings appear randomly. Sometimes if you have a very strong natural resource it might be difficult to get processor buildings appearing as all you get is extractors. In such cases, if you have the space available, extend this district over non or less natural resource area and then processors start to appear.

Barrels, Tons and Units

What is small oil pump units or small crop field units? What is small crude oil tank farm barrels?

Answer: thousands are the individual "units", if you divide those values with 1000 then you get tons (t). Box trucks and vans carry 8 tons, semi-trucks carry 16 tons. Barrels... is unknown, in real life a barrel of oil in the markets is 159 liters, no idea if its the same in Cities Skylines game.

Extra Landscaping Tools

Extra Landscaping Tools mod allows you to paint natural resources. There is some terrain creation image with RGB color channels where you paint forest, if terrain dev is doing forest this way then fertile land painting brush is never going to work.

PMC Industry Stories

Check out PMC terrain savegame game-play stories, few of them include some good industrial action: My main industries DLC learning game-play story and GENERIC zoned oil industry info.

What have I learned about industries DLC buildings now is that without Transfer Manager CE addon it would be dumb to run these districts as AI would start to outside connection export your hard earned stuff the moment you turn your back. With transfer manager ce you can disable every buildings outside connection import / export.

From stories 2022-08-29 regal hills: And small warehouse yard is full, heh amazing how quickly it fills up. This is the amount of industrial buildings is needed to fill that warehouse in few moments.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

Spent a little bit time in transfer manager ce monitoring newly created industrial buildings, this is really low amount of data so far, but looks like building sends out box truck or van to deliver goods to a commercial building once 8,000 units or 8 tons has been completed which is half of the capacity (16t). Building can order raw materials from outside connection if locals are not available, in specific building I was monitoring they were "Food" and "AnimalProducts", at one time two trucks were bringing in those raw materials. Also two of our own trucks / vans were delivering at the same time.

Here is another base line comparison and example for small industrial district size which is absolutely not a traffic problem.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

Increased one full row of industrial buildings zoning, still runs over ninety percent traffic flow.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

In stories 2022-08-30 the dust bowl there is good info about raw materials, search for: 2022-08-31T03:48:00Z.

In stories 2022-08-31 honu island there is good info about commercial zone goods demand and imports, search for: 2022-09-01T07:26:00Z.

Always use your head when zoning stuff, keep the balance between generic industry and low density commercial. More commercial than industry.

Having generic industry produce goods so exports are 1 or very low is kind of bad, it is a fantasy to precisely even out production and consomption, you should always have a little bit more production than commercial zone consumption that you don't run out of goods to sell. If you have 100-300 outside connections goods exports, its NOTHING. Don't worry about it, it wont cause any traffic jams for you. Keep it healthy, have a little bit goods exports always, if you drop to very low or even 1 (lowest), add more industry or reduce commercial areas. Just remember there is a very very long lag time when you do changes, also the numbers fluctuate a little bit, so don't be freaked out if suddenly your exports dip down to below 100, they might come up soon again.

Okay I got myself into traffic jam gridlock problem again. Guess I was too eager to zone big open areas for industrial here in the middle of nowhere, its so nice to zone freely as you have so much free space to use, nothing blocking you.

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot

So this is another baseline, this road grid is 30 units * 10 units size, there are 3 * 6 blocks or err road grids, ie zones inside road grid. This is too much, at least in the beginning it gets clogged up with traffic, even with private cars banned there.

I need to split that into two, maybe 3 * 3 block grids hmm. Or maybe even slimmer like 2 * 3 or something.

Another reference screenshot for balanced generic industry and low density commercial zoning, currently outside connection exports are 87. Hopefully I would remember to count full 4 x 4 unit blocks in that zoning to get a good base line besides visual hand wavey thing Smiley ;)

PMC Cities Skylines Screenshot